Friday, June 19, 2015

Stock Watch : AirAsia

This is reply to Mr Murali of i3.

Dear sir ... I have invited you to my e-meeting few times and I had my e-meeting about AirAsia last night ... opened to public tho most of them are from my own trading group. Tonight, I had an e-meeting about AirAsia(selling 1.80 tmr) and Tenaga.

Did you missed the e-meetings again?

Click on the link above. I have the e-meeting recorded (it is free, anyway)

In the case of you are not using facebook, please give me you e-mail so that I could personally e-mail you the e-meeting link to your e-mail ... so that you could attend, whenever you are free?

This is my number : 012- 821 0129. Should you want to contact me in person ... let's go for a drink. It will be on me.

Now ... I have tried to reach for you, sir.

Allow me to share with you my trades on AirAsia. You may want to join my trading group for a month (trial) and check in daily basis my trades, right? You have nothing to lose here ... I will invite you to be in my chatbox, no worry. I welcome you, if you are sincere and real. I am.

Murali : Got cut loss on Airasia or not? Dont tell us you bought today at RM1.43..... 17/06/2015 16:47

TEH : Our group bought at 1.80 during the HAMMER. That is 12th June, last Friday.

But the hammer failed, so I have to cut-loss the next day at 1.77-1.78.

My trading members are my proof ... so, you are again invited to join me(for free) for a month. Deal?

Murali : Are we going to see CPTeh jump out today, to be King Of Technical Rebound again, telling us his another success trading gain on AAsia?? Gain 9 Lose 1? 18/06/2015 09:03

On Monday, during our weekly e-meeting ... I told the members that the support is at RM1.48 .. On the fateful Wednesday, it dived ... fantastic. I started to queue to buy at RM1.55. It was trading at RM1.65 level then ... zrooom ... 1.55 and my 1.50 queue were done. I quickly queue to buy at 1.45 and 1.40. Then ... it hit 1.43, my 1.45 was done, it rebounded and dive again ... but the 1.40 was not done. I do have another block at RM1.35, for your info. These are shared in LIVE in our chatbox to all my members. I do not have much money to buy. I was only preparing for 300lots (about RM50k max). If the 1.35 to be matched, I would have 200lots then. The next support is at RM1.20, actually.

They said ... fear is a buy. So, extreme fear = extreme buy? Yes? No?

So ... I only have 120lots done with average at 1.50. I know it has nothing to shout about, but I m still glad that the trade turn out to be good. This was taken in the morning ... to me 50 x 8 = RM400 gross is a good profit for a day trade. The RM1.68 is not done ... it hit 1.68 actually.

I am going to sell around 1.79 tmr ... but could tell now but I will have to check the momentum or if I need funds to buy more in my Tenaga (I caught at RM12.44 today). But, yes ... I will sell 1.79 all the 70lots. That is 29cents x 70 = RM2000 . So, being a small player ... to me, RM2400 for a contra is considered as good. I will sell her if it not rebound, anyway.

Let's face it ... no one could get to the tip(bottom) and sell at the top(I always sell too early and I am ok with it). Being a trader, we have something else to check on (I have my aim at Tenaga now, fyi).

Sorry that I hv lost track on my score ... zzz ... you may ask my members or check our group's page for details (buy and sell). But ... u need to take the first initiative step : Add me in facebook and I will add you in the closed group. My score for June should be around 25 - 8, I think. That included recently selling for profits in IOICorp, UEMS, WellCall, MNRB ... but cut-loss in MBSB.

Murali : Bought 1.43 yesterday n sold 1.62 today? 18/06/2015 09:08

Nope, sir. Sorry to disappoint you that I have average at RM1.50, not RM1.43. One of my member(who came for my recent trading workshop) caught at RM1.44. He is the lowest I got to know off. Many just bought around RM1.50 ...I sold part at RM1.58 this morning (as shown above) and it came down to RM1.54 (I was ready to buyback at RM1.48 .... as I mentioned above, RM1.48 is a support, ok?) .. then shot up above RM1.60 ... I was busy with my FKLI and classes (I have 2 tuition classes today 11am to 3pm). By 10.30am, I will be busy with FCPO.

So ... at the end, RM1.68 is not done. Technically, not done is also good as it will rebound tmr. We shall see if the plane will go to Dubai or Amsterdam. This is flight AK2015, captain TEH reporting here to his superior, Mr Murali.

I will invite you again ... as I have nothing to hide from you(or others) .. so, I hope you wont let me down, sir.

Thank you for your time to read my trades in AirAsia. I have no intention to write about AirAsia as it is not my best of trades. I have many more which I derived greater pleasure. Trading is not only the money-rewards .... it is PASSION


With that, it is 12.40am. I am signing off.



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Thomas said...

Hi Teh,
Good details trade for Air Asia!
Mr. Murali sound like that long time missing SAM to me, so, just ignore him forever. :)