Sunday, June 21, 2015

Life is short

It is 1.20am ... I am in KK. Yeah ... flew in this morning as my FIL passed away. It is sad day for my wife's family as everyone's celebrating Father's day. But, we see it positively. He has been fighting against cancer for past 6yrs or so ... and may him rest-in-peace.

I did not check much on stock-market ... but I do know I sold off GDex at peak (1.41) and we bought at 1.30 level. That is one good trade. As for Tenaga, I sold off half at RM12.90 but will sell another portion at 13.20 level (averaged at 13.44 ... see previous post). In fact, if u wish ... one could still get RM12.44 on Friday morning before bargain hunting was back.

I have replied to Mr Murali(of i3) regarding AirAsia's trade since he is very interested to synchronize my trades ... and making many un-ture statements. I have not received an e-mail from him (to ) or sms/watsapp to meet me. I went to i3 to check on the comment, hoping he will reply. But ... just some comments there. So, to update here ... it hit 1.71 but retraced to 1.61 closing. With average at RM1.50, and my queue to sell at 1.78 was not done, I will keep for a while. We wait for some senses back to market, while many holding to paper-loss or dare not to buy into it due to fear. We cant tell how low of high it will go ... but, placing at 1.48 cut-loss, I might need to sell for a loss instead of profit. But, that is trading ... the only winner is your broker!!

I rest my case as I m not answerable to anyone in forums etc etc. So, I m exiting the noises again.

Missed Evergreen when it dived to 1.14 ... zzzz ... what a waste. I was waiting at RM1.08.

Many more trades might take a while to rebound ... sit on them. I bought YTL 1.51-1.52, and I mentioned it last week during my free public e-meeting. I bought Digi RM5.50 level ... am I supposed to write all my trades here to show? Am I obliged to? Why? Why should I?

But I m very willing to teach trading, how we traders could improve and move-on to be a better trader. Give me another 3-5 yrs, I promised myself to be a good trader enough to give free trading lessons to ALL my current members, if they are still with me. By then, all of them could see how they have improved. I am just a cikgu ... and happened to be a trader! Oh yes, I am a blogger too, in case you do not realise that?

Tired ... I take a rest from markets for a few days. Will want to write more about LIFE. Life is so short ... anytime at all, we might be ''leaving'' the space ... and off we go. As I am writing here (at FLS) ...  appreciate life a little better , yet again. Each time .. reminding myself how lucky I am being around with many nice people. I even postponed next Monday e-meeting and all my members are very understanding. I will excuse myself from trading for 3 days ... and with my condolence, I knew my trading members are nice people. Some even sent me ''pak-kam''. One member (of KK) even came to pay his respect. Feeling grateful having nice people around ...

Hence, I have left those noises, those haters ... and empty tins. Many more those not supportive people, negative humans ... I have eliminated many. I have been a wiser person now ... over past 10 years of transformation(to myself), I have learnt to be a better person. It is not easy but worth all the efforts.

Negative human around us ... that we need to avoid, let them go ... and making sure they do not influence us, if we are to be successful(and have happier, more meaning lives).

Anger ... arguments ... quarrels ... these are not needed too. No point trying to justify to those not relevant to our lives. We live our own lives, make sure it is a good one, bring joy to many around us and contribute as we live. Spread LOVE ... not hatred. No point being angry or retaliate. No point answering many around. No point to making our point, simply because we want to be MORE right ... or perhaps to prove someone wrong. No point ... life is SHORT.

So ... I have decided not to argue ... accepting things as it is. It is wiser that way. I used to be person who insist on my view-points ... while I could get away with that teaching in colleges, I will definitely insane enough to expect that in stock-markets. Market is a very noisy place with all sort of people coming from different financial backgrounds and experiences ... it is simply amazing to engage in a discussion about : FA vs TA. It is endless ....

So ... we learn to embrace differences. We could easily choose to LOVE. That is the wisest view I have taken ... slowly changed myself so much. After-all, life is short. Be happy.

It is 2.30 am ... I am staying awake tonight, to man the place.

As life is short ... live it to the fullest.


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