Tuesday, June 23, 2015

KLSE at risk

9pm ... done for the day. Flying off tmr morning and it will takes awhile to get back into move. By next week ... many new things need my attention and end of June now.

I will be back to KK in Dec and will be planning for a market-talk or a short workshop.

I was away from my trading terminal, only able to check during the opening. FKLI red ... tho DOW up 100 points. We are talking about fitch rating today, I guess.

Yesterday was a selling day for me as today I will be busy with my FIL's funeral. KLCI shot up yesterday ... and I tried to sell many.

Armada : We bought at 1.11 - 1.13 last Friday or yesterday morning, not bad ... it hit 1.18 as targeted today. But I sold at 1.15 yesterday.

MMSV : Sold 79.5 cents and it hit 80 plus, I think.

OKA : Bought at 82.5cents and sold 88 cents yesterday. It hit 90cents today. Note that 88cents is the resistance. We bought at 82.5cents last week when harami formed.

YTL : Bought 1.52 level and sold 1.58(peak) yesterday. I think I saw it came down today. Will try to buyback tmr around 1.50 level.

I still have AirAsia which I bought at 1.50. This morning, I was queuing to sell 1.68 but it was not done. So, I will still q to sell at 1.68 tmr morning.

Yes ... I was in selling spree yesterday and glad to be able to off-load some of my stocks.

China : I m moving some funds to HKSE as China is in bull-run. In my opinion, China's market is in the bubble-in-making stage. Jump into the bubble ... and get out before the bubble burst? I do not see any upside or new high-in-making in KLSE, tho ... when KLCI at 1860 level recently, someone yelling it to be at 1900 ... or even targeting 2000.

got to go


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