Monday, June 15, 2015

IFCA : A lesson to learn

IFCA : This is the story of the year ... most popular stock. HOTTEST babe ... with so many retailers sucking into the good-est of news. I have been warning everyone in my trading group when I read that IFCA is the BEST-est in the WORLD ... blah-blah ...

Why retailers always fail to see that stocks being pushed up without fundamentals to support the current valuation will re-balance back to its so-called FAIR valuation?

The China-property stories are over? The GST story is also over?

Since, it is lowering to RM1 level today, isn't it so-called CHEAP?

It is an interesting way how operators trapping many newbies or ignorant-greedy one. If you don't know what is going on, time to learn the lesson.

I have also given e-meeting last week to talk about IFCA. Enough said.

Trade at own risk.


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