Friday, June 12, 2015

IFCA and AirAsia ... again.

Noon ... it is Friday. Glad that it is a weekend.

RHB-talk : Tmr I will be attending a talk by RHB. Yes, students having exams/holiday ... so, I m kinda free to attend talks.

e-meeting : Last night e-meeting was FULL. Max is 100 participants. Perhaps it is AirAsia and AAX where may are stuck inside. Some even used the term INVESTING in both of the counters. Hmm ... I thought investing means ... buying good fundamental stocks, in good sector with good cash-flow and good dividend policy? I thought investing is to hold for longer time frame ... and we buy when the stocks is trading way below the intrinsic value of the company? No?? I thought ...

It is aviation-sector, please. What kinda of investor are you in the sector? Perhaps, one may want to increase their fundamental analysis (do join KCChong of i3, he is the best fundamental analyst around we have heard of) knowledge ... and then only talk about investing in aviation-sector.

Understanding risk ... that is everything in trading. If we get stuck inside AAX or AirAsia, we are stuck. Admit that mistakes and do not stay denial and explaining to others that you are investing. It just to show how naïve one could be ...

Admitting mistakes is something most of us DO NOT like doing. Learning to trade is something most in stock-market will not take it seriously. Afterall, we are all very much a NORMAL human .... navigating into such a risky environment ---- stock-market.

AirAsia : I bought at 1.80 level yesterday but sold during closing at 1.83. Today, I could buyback lower than 1.80. Yes, at current level ... it is a trading-buy to me. The word is TRADING-buy .... not investing ... trading with an intention to SELL and even to cut-loss if our cut-loss level triggered.

Somehow, it doesn't occur to many that they need to KNOWLEDGE and experiences to trade well. So, they punt into VSolar and such. I rest my case on that.

IFCA : Hit low 1.10 this morning ... see if close above RM1.15, I will take for technical rebound play.

BJAuto : If I write here that I bought BJAuto 2 days ago when harami formed, those haters will be coming out in force ... to said I m lying. But, when I asked them .. and invite them to my e-meeting (free talk), they never bother to attend ... and have a courtesy to know me and discuss trading idea. Today BJAuto jumped up ... lucky in a way as good reports out. Not all trades done are good ... but at least we have a plan! A trading plan, in case the trades go against us.

So ... what I do is to teach my trading group on what to see, why we buy/sell on certain level, what criteria should we be placing etc etc ... join my trading group to see my trades. Ask good questions and we shall be able to learn from there. Changing mindset needs TIME ... it takes years of practise.

Will plan for another e-meeting on IFCA and AirAsia. It is free ... since I prefer talking thru online rather than typing here words by words. I could speak more spontaneously and interactive with participants, asking good questions!

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Time for lunch and rest.


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