Thursday, June 04, 2015

Feeling relax after selling ...

It is noon ... I am feeling relax while waiting for my class (3.30pm) and FCPO to resume(3pm) ... at the moment KLCI down 4.5 points, FKLI down 10 points ...

Relax as I was lucky to sold off Westport at 4.48 this morning(most in my group take profit this morning too). This is a heavy position I have released ... to focus in some other stocks in my buying basket.

Relax as I have sold SIME at RM8.60 ... and that is not lucky. That is planned ... and we bought at RM8.30 level during cheap sales. A heavy one too ... and keep cash in hand is good.

Relax as I sold IOICorp at RM4.10 yesterday, only to buyback at RM4. In fact, I have LIVE teaching this morning to show them the IOICorp's chart ... nothing much, just price and volume. Well, IOICorp is a buy at RM4 to me. Trade at your own risk.

Relax I sold most penny-stocks yesterday ... Systech, Priva and such ... OKA(bought during gap-down 90cents).  zzzz ...

Yesterday rebounded well ... today all red again. What is up?

I like CIMB now ... dive back for me to buyback. Thanks.

Or should I consider TM, instead?

Score for June is 9 - 0 so far. Hope I could have the stamina to jot it down. Haha ... last month was counting till 21 - 9, then ... too busy and forgotten to update my monthly scores.

Time to relax ... watch market moving ... don't know if I want to give another public-talk thru e-meeting (LOL ... been doing that for past two weeks).

Time for class ...

go to for e-meeting

Have a nice relaxing day


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