Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Noon .... this morning was watching AirAsia diving ... all the way to low 1.43. Wow! More than 10% diving in a day!!

I want to write about DARE to FAIL ... a topic I attended during last night TM meeting.

Last night I m fortunate enough to be able to listen to my fella-TM who ... so successful and retired at age 30. Then, somehow ... due to his bad investment ... only to lose it all. But, being a strong person, understand DARE TO FAIL concept well ... he managed to pull himself up again, and standing tall again. Wow. Great person to know, indeed.

I went up for the table-topic : What do you understand about Dare-to-fail?

As I have failed so many times, I m excited to give my 2-min talk .... but due to lack of experience in public speaking, I failed to convey my messages well.

Opening : Need to define dare-to-fail

Body : Give one or two personal examples of dare-to-fail that I went thru

Ending : Closing conclusion of the talk.

This is a good book, which I bought some years ago ... when I was still young. If not mistaken, the author went to politic, and contested in Bukit Bintang. Cant remember the years or details. I don't know where I placed the book ... so, I will grab one when I m in book-store (for my collection ... this is new edition).

I have read many books about SUCCESS ... and many self-help motivational books, to change my losers-attitude inside me .... and after 10years now, I have totally a changed personality. Tho my core-values still strongly in tact, and my teacher-in-me value still inside me, I have taken efforts to understand how few people becoming successful in their endeavours.

They have DIFFERENT attitudes and characters ... they see many things differently. I told myself that I could be successful too ... if I am to change my views, thoughts, attitudes, characters ... and motivate enough to take efforts, no matter how hard.

Noticing that initial stage is the most difficult as failing is inevitable. PAIN of getting out of the norm, our comfort zone and being side-lined by the majority around us. Frustrations ... disappointment ... despair ... fear and pain ... un-balanced ... feeling of giving-up ... quitting ... slowly turning into depression ....

We have to go thru that stage ... the most difficult first step! CHANGE is the only constant, I reminded myself.

 So ... to be a good trader, it takes TIME. Years of struggling. But, if we are to mix with ''wrong'' groups ... we will be mould into them and could not proceed further or give up by then.

Initial stage ... first 3 years is very challenging as newbies need to understand some terms being used and learning about FA (always learn fundamental analysis first before checking on technical-charting) ... and to recognise why a stock worth buying at a certain level.

Some will takes more than 3 years of learning as they are lost in the noises (forums, chatbox, trading groups, market talks, media, blogs ... and many). Be focus ...know what we want to learn. Structure our learning at our own pace so that we could have a direction on what is next. That is how I started ... and yes, DARE TO TRY ... to try means, we need to take real trades to see if things work. Then, we re-define our trading strategies etc etc ...

Newbies will almost definite to fail in their trades. Using 80-20 ratio, newbies will have 80% chances of failing ... do you dare enough to fail?

Failing and not doing anything about it (such as ignore the lessons) will not do anything good, either. If we have been active in trading and losing, there are definitely many things we need to CHANGE.

Take failures as lessons to change ... for improvements in the future.

Do get the book. Read ... and start plot our failing path .... as without failing, there will be no success.

Lunch time and rest.


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