Thursday, June 04, 2015

Analysis : IOICorp and YeeLee

YeeLee : I bought at RM1.85 today ... and added at RM1.92.

So, I will do some simple analysis on WHY and what is the plan?

IOICorp : Sold RM4.10 yesterday, bought back at RM4 today.

Will do a chart analysis for IOICorp, since I shared with my group. So, share it publicly too ... all welcome.

Promoting : I will start an e-learning for technical-charting next month (July to Nov) in weekly basis. It will be taught LIVE during market hours(thru FB chatbox) ... and Q&A are welcomed to learn. Then ... not only one will see my trades live, they could also learn the why and how.

This e-learning is not new to me, I started a batch in 2012, but I stopped 2 yrs ago as I was working whole day, very tiring at night to prepare for the e-learning materials etc etc. Now, many of my members seeing that I m trading so well ... and wanting to learn but they are from different states. So, the only way I could help them is to have an e-leaning platform.

Trading LIVE is very important ... learning the live trades clearing off all BS majority trainers telling us. At least you could ASK me WHY buying YeeLee at 1.85, and adding 1.92. At least u could ask what to do if trades gone wrong(I do have 20-30% trades going against me).

This is only for those wish to learn ... and seriously into trading. LEARN first ... and I am reaching out to more.

To know more ... contact me : 012-8210129 or e-mail at

click here.

Dinner time ...

See you ... online tonight. 9pm.

Note : Limited space ... there were one of the night, it was full.


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