Thursday, June 11, 2015

AirAsia (code 5099) and AAX (code 5238)

Noon ... DOW up 230plus points ... KLCI surged in morning(missed by 2 points to short the FKLI).

I logged in my new laptop, and needed to log-in those sites (usernames and passwords) ... very tedious as I always forgotten about my own usernames/password. Luckily managed to login my BlogSpot ...showing me the 1.968 pageviews with 3125 posts thus far. This is post # 3126 then.

The pageviews could have hit beyond 2mil, if not of many readers reading my posts from i3-site. My blog is linked to i3... and i3 popularising many bloggers(some using it to promote themselves, to promote stocks etc etc). So ... growing my BlogSpot organically ... I have been writing many posts(used to be daily basis) ... even without any readers/followers.

Once it hit 2mil mark, I will celebrate my BlogSpot .... yet another miles ...

I have been moving myself away from my comfort-zone ... and this blog is my very comfort-zone for me to blog/write. I have no intention to write a book(or e-book) yet ... still prefer this site rather than (haha)

Anyway, I want to write about AirAsia ... and AAX

AirAsia : Broken RM2 today ... trading at 1.86 at the moment, diving about 8% down, I parked to buy at R1.80 level. Might not get it today ... low at 1.85.

It has been mentioned many of times that AirAsia is a good TRADING stock but not for investing(buy, hold or average down). There are stll huge foreign funds inside her ... and with MYR weakening vs USD, more DOWNSIDE on AirAsia ... rather than believing that it will take off anytime soon.

AAX : This is bad ... broken 25cents, to new low. Recently went thru right-issues(which is certainly not right as it is losing-money, bleeding more ... with high gearing). Right-issue priced at 22cents ... so, I might consider it at 18cents(told that to my trading members, they thought I m joking!) ... it was trading at 27-28cents then. Haha.

AAX-wa is listed today. At 5.5cents ... this the sweet given to those subscribed to the rights. Sigh ... imagine if we have it at IPO's value (RM1.20 ... adjusted to 80cents level, I think). CUT-LOSS is very important in trading stocks. If not, we are becoming accidental investors

I had an e-meeting about IFCA last night as IFCA broken the important 1.35 support level yesterday. I was queuing to catch 1.18 but it hit 1.20 support and rebounded. Missed the short technical rebound, so ... I have an e-meeting(open to public ... one needs to go to facebook to check the details) t discuss HOW we see such hot-popular stocks being PUSHED up high and higher ... only to see that it is a sharp downtrend now. They said for stocks ... it moves up like staircases, but it takes the lift down ...

I am thinking if I should have another public e-meeting (a service to many newbies) about AirAsia and AAX tonight.

If possible ... it will be 9pm. Check

e-learning : I am starting an e-learning for those wish to LEARN about charting. So, I need to show to public how the e-learning works and let them decide to join my trading-group or not. I have few e-mailed to me ... and will reply soon. e-mail to or message/watsapp to 012-8210129.

Lunch time.


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