Thursday, May 07, 2015

Trading or Punting?

Penta : Bought at 60.5cents, hitting my 20MA at 65cents for me to sell. Thanks.

I am changing into focus ... and less trading, buy in larger portions and sell for profits. For cut-loss, take it small ... just cut-loss before it bleeds more.

This is something a newbie in trading can learn ... let your profits run till it hit your target, cut-loss short if it breaks the support. Majority in market could not understand that trading is very difficult.

especially if we are trading penny-stocks.

I have many came in my group, and shown me their losing portfolio. Many have few common goring-stocks such as Sumatec, Iris and such ... you name it, those very hot-stocks. But as they do not cut-loss ... now they are stuck with these rubbish-stocks.

This is the latest addition to their long losing list ... VSolar. This pump-n-dump counter is being played and to attract greedy ignorant traders to punt into her. Happy when huge profit ... then now sad as they didn't take profit, it came lower ... they average it down ... and now huge funds stuck inside there.

Then .. some of those dealers/remisiers ... taking the opportunity to ask their clients to buy, never help them to exit.

And some so-called sifu will be coming out to claim they profit 100% (remembered someone boasting he profited 100% from Wintoni and wonder what happened now?) ... or some in forums yelling they profited 100-300% from these.

Those silent readers ... quietly they will buy. Greed taking over their heads ... and they have bad experiences before, but emotion in control. Another time ... and another ... ini kali-la, they said. It never occur to them that it is silly to blindly punting into empty-rubbish counters as many speculating. It never hit their brain(something inside their skulls) that trading is a long learning process, with painful experiences to learn.  : Done some renovation for my new home ... and will continue this post there.

Visit me there ... for discussion on stocks. This will be used to keep my adventure in trading.


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