Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Edge #1068 : On the radar

Petronas 1Q net profit down 39%

Petronas' net profit for the quarter ended March 31,2015, dropped 39% to RM11.4 billion from RM18.8 billion in the same quarter last year on the back of lower crude oil prices. Revenue stood at RM66.2 billion during the quarter compared with RM84 billion in the previous year.
TEH : Crude oil trading at USD60 range ... and PETRONAS revenue/profit is down by whooping 39%. Ouch ... watch for the further downside for PETRONAS linked counters and KLCI have more downside risk.

PChem : I remembered I bought and caught this knife ... very nicely, below RM5. Well ... being a trader, I have sold her when it rebounded sharply (too fast for my liking). Today it is trading at RM6.20. So, who said we cannot catch a knife ... a good counter such as PChem (dived due to falling of crude oil price ... crisis investing and fear = buy applied here). Who said cant get 10-20% from the counter ... and why retailers prefer Sumatec? Yeah ... I could understand as I was from those newbie-level.

Bank Negara reserves at RM393.4bil

Bank Negara Malaysia's international reserves amounted to RM393.4 billion (USS106.2 billion) as at May 15, above the RM392.4 billion (USS105.8 billion) position as at end-April. The reserves are sufficient to finance eight months of retained imports and are 1.1 times short-term external debt.

TEH : If we are not working, no income ... we have to make sure we have saving at least 6 months of average monthly expenses. I have stopped my full-time job since last June. So ... by end of June, it will be a year I am out of college-teaching!!

Muhyiddin recommends sacking 1MDB board
Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has called for the sacking of IMalaysia Development Bhd's (1MDB) board of directors. He made the recommendation in a closed-door meeting with Umno leaders last week ....

TEH : This is the risk ... political risk in KLSE at the moment. 1MDB stories keep popping out ... and TDM is very vocal about it. We have to understand how HUGE this could affect our MYR, our rating (might be down-graded soon) and the political un-stability ... DAP vs PAS .... Jib vs TDM and Din.

MRT2 to cost more than RM30 bil

TEH : No comment

IMDB's investments in BSI in asset form

Second Finance Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Husni Mohamad Hanadzlah last week tried to clear the air on the redeemed investment in the Cayman Islands by 1MDB. The minister explained that the redeemed investment parked in Singapore's BSI Bank Ltd was in the form of assets and not cash.

TEH : Hmmm .... Cayman Is ... Singapore Bank ... now un-defined assets. Words being twisted by someone we SHOULD trust most ... our finance minister. We are in political RISK (avoid stock-market is a good idea too).

Press Metal suspends Samalaju operations

Press Metal Bhd has temporarily suspended operations at its Samalaju smelting plant in Sarawak for safety reasons following a fire on May 17,

TEH : Yes ... PMetal was my good trade when I bought around 2.80 level and sold. I bought PMetal-wc too ... after it rebounded. Sold off .... and now due to another bad news : Fire. I do not like playing with fire ... so, RM2.80 is not a buy for me ... and perhaps if it could dive lower ... to RM2.30 level to consider.
PM tables 11th Malaysia Plan
Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak tabled the 11th Malaysia Plan in Parliament on Thursday. The plan constitutes the last lap before 2020, the year when Malaysia aspires to join the ranks of high-income nations with a gross national income per capita of more than US$15,000 (RM54,000). In the run-up to 2020, the government plans to spend RM260 billion on development projects, up from RM230 billion in 10MP.
TEH : This is the most important event of the week .... but the mood spoilt by 1MDB-crisis. High-income country is a joke, please don't take them seriously. RM54k is not high ... not for someone staying in KL, with a non-working wife and two young kids (like me la).  Do the math.

Closing the gap? The rich is becoming richer ... the poor is poorer(GST affecting them most) ... while the middle-class working adults like me is being squeezed.

Sime Darby's plunges
Sime Darby Bhd's net profit fell 55% to RM386.04 million in 3QFY2015 from RM852.53 million a year ago on lower contribution from its plantation, industrial and automotive divisions.

TEH : With another giant showing bad-reports on profit, be prepare for more downside in KLCI.

ISIS planning kidnapping, bank heists
Islamic State in Iraq and Syria operatives in Malaysia are now planning ransom kidnappings and bank heists in a bid to fund their militant activities, Malaysian police said on Wednesday. Local militants recruited by the Islamic group are targeting business centres and government offices in Putrajaya
TEH : ISIS presence in Malaysia ... this is another piece of bad-news for Najib's admin. No joke, this is a serious threat to our peace. Katak is just blah-ing and not a threat ... ISIS is.
Ok ... spent an hour or so for this post ... while having dinner(alone).
Public talk : Well, I do have 5 ''outsiders'' came for my talk yesterday ... and few of my own trading-members. Yes, most of them appreciate my sharing. One of them (sound experienced to me) got to know me thru i3 (so, I shown him inside my trading group ... the stocks I bought/sold and to prove to him, I m a trader ... and then, I asked him to go to i3-forum ... tell them to come to my free-talk to know me. haha) and he said he will be joining me! Great.
Anyway, many who are not staying around asked if I will be having another talk in Ipoh, Penang .... and Sabah! I will ... I will. I am going down to meet readers and traders-alike.
Tonight, I will have a repeat of what I shared(summerised) yesterday ... through e-meeting. Those interested to come click here : . Meeting will start at 9pm.
Time to go home ... rest and prepare for the meeting.

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