Friday, May 08, 2015

Technical Rebound : KLCI

Morning ... was busy with my trades and having a class. KLCI up ... up ... rebounded after diving yesterday. Is it sustainable? I don't know ... I have bought many and in selling spree, and changing to some other counters.

Penta : Was queuing at 0.65 not done yesterday, sold 0.665 done today. At times, if we didn't manage to sell, it could go higher. But ... as trader, we plan to sell 20MA (65cents), we will q to sell. Don't worry ... many more to look into. This is a good 10% in 4 days. Well, good FA too ... so, we choose good FA during pullback to buy.

Presbhd : Sold 2.56 recently ... that is my immediate resistance. Sell lor ... waiting to buy at RM2.40 level again.

My score after sold-off PMetal and PMetal-wc stands at : 6 - 1 for month of MAY.

Bought Sunway yesterday all the way below RM3.40 ... today rebound, sold part at 3.49 ... keeping to sell ALL at 50MA(RM3.50).

After Sunway, the score should be 7 - 1.

Buying huge and focus is my strategy now ... since I sold off most last-week ... holding to cash. Was busy buying for past few days. Thanks to the sales ....

My shorts in FCPO is doing well too ... recently a shooting-star at 2200 level. So nice ... confirmation of that, I short again, and closed all my long FCPO. But ... I still want to long FCPO ... for MAY.

Tonight will have tratles meeting ... and continue to discuss about penny-stocks to buy during current short correction. Hope KLCI will dive further to 1770 level.

At the moment, yesterday formed an inverted hammer at support 1805. So, I go LONG for FKLI.

11MP coming ... Malakoff coming ... so, KLCI wont dive? Your take, please.


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