Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Technical rebound in KLCI

Tuesday ... KLCI shot up due to technical-rebound.

FCPO : What is more interesting is that SOY went above 32.50 level, and pushed the FCPO to gap up 60 points this morning opening. I closed 2 of my longs, as I m holding to 5 long contracts! FCPO giving me great profits ... unlike FKLI zzzz

Tmr is Math-paper exams(code 5709). So, today I will have full-day tuition till night.

Presbhd : Bought 2.43 level last Friday, sold off at 2.56 this morning. It was featured in the front page of Focus-M. Dislike stocks being highlighted.

IFCA : Managed to buy at 1.53 level last Friday ... and sold 1.60 half. Selling all at resistance.

One may want to join my trading group to check on my trades. I took real trades, unlike many groups where only given buy-sell levels. I do give e-meeting every Monday night to explain the trades and what to watch. And I m going to keep my trades in ... for members only.

Wonder how else could I help the members to profit consistently well?

I wrote a lengthy reflection on my trading adventure ... in June 2012. Yeah ... I was having my cohort-6 back then ... and a good testimonial given by AS(he is a blogger!)

Will want to write ... My Trading Adventure ... thus far ... part II in June 2015 as I m having my cohort-18 next month.

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