Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sunday : Mommy's day

7.05 pm: Thiam Kee Restaurant, USJ Taipan

Happy Mom’s day to all moms … I went to have lunch with mom and she cooked for us.

11th MP : This is an important event … tabling at 21st MAY. Many are talking about Construction as the sector. It is known to everyone … and since when the herd/crowd get the trading idea right? Will that be a trap to those who will be rushing into some construction counters? Gamuda? YTL? IJM? MRCB? CMSB? … errr … Mudajaya, WCT?

MRCB : Being highlighted by media a few times!! Watching the move ...

Tabung Haji : The great-deal done … and linked to 1MDB. Now it is becoming the hottest topic in town. I won’t be pointing into politics … but the deal is questionable as a bail-out. Dr M has been critical of 1MDB and using the currently exposed deal to his benefit … to shoot, who you know. Will that affect any of counters held by Tabung Haji, as major shareholders … as they might be forced to pare down their holdings, if the out-flux of investors is huge?

By-election: No changes, they retained their respective seats. Technically KLCI should rebound next week … but, we have a huge risk in 1MDB … will it explodes?

Trading workshop : I attended a workshop yesterday and will want to write about it. Perhaps in my new-page

My D.S.A.I

Sunway : I have sold part at 2.49 as I caught her below RM2.36 - 2.42. Next level to sell my "S" is at RM2.59 ... Sunway construction is listing ...

Axiata : Have been monitoring its dive for past 2 weeks ... finally, caught her at RM6.59-6.60. Read somewhere that their operations in Indon is losing them some money.

IOICorp : Bought at RM4.20 ... will buy more at RM3.90 level. Hope it will drop further lower ... due to some news that it might be taken out from the syariah-compliant list.

How about the "D" ... ? Still waiting for it to go lower to my entry point. Then, I will post it here after I sold, ok?

All the trades done were given ''live'' to the group. I am not answerable to anyone as I m independent. Even the members have to trade at own risk, and I could only show all my trades openly.

Aiming to maintain my good trading records : 8 - 1 as of in MAY.

Have a nice trading week ahead as DOW jumped 267 points on Friday. Phew ... I longed FKLI ... expecting rebound as the hammers!!


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