Friday, May 08, 2015

Stock Watch : The "P"

Penta : Hit 65 ... and I shall queue to sell higher. Stochastic crossover. Nice. Shall see if 20MA broken tmr, and sell higher.

PMetal : Another stocks I bought in huge before the results out. It shown good results, but did not gap up or shoot higher. Managed to sell part at 2.95 today, will wait for it to break RM3. We bought PMetal-wc below RM1.90 too.

Pesona : This is what most retailers like ... and got trapped inside. This is being pumped and now ... dumped. Oversold ... will you punt? This is high risk ... but as usual, retailers will jump in.

Priva : Another retailers and punters favourite. See if it could break 35 cents .... and we shall see free-fall. Still well supported at the moment.

P : Presbhd, PoHuat, Prelexus ... PChem, Parkson, Perisai, Padini... and more in my trading list.

After selling my Penta and PMetal ... I may want D S A I

KLCI closed lower ... at 1805. Excitement started to show as I am starting my shopping spree ... Thanks for dropping so much as I have stated in my e-meeting and public-talk.

e-meeting : I will have an open e-meeting to all, perhaps this Sunday night.

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Night ... as tmr another interesting day. Hope it could break 1800 ... please go lower.


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