Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Stock Watch : IOICorp

IOICorp : Hit low 4.09 yesterday as I wanted at RM3.90 - RM4 (haha). We all bought at closing price after seeing the good candle ... and I have advised all during Monday e-meeting to buy HUGE.

I sold RM4.30 today(resistance RM4.32) and sold all at RM4.40 .. it went to RM4.46 before cooling off at RM4.35 at the moment. So fast!

I shown the group Plantation-index at support and told them FCPO above 2200 level now, if IOICorp formed good candlestick during closing or dive lower to RM4, collect and buy huge. Now it rebounded sharply ... too sharp, so SELL first, talk later.

I am left with MAT ... as the "I" is done.


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