Saturday, May 23, 2015

Public Talk : Contents

Today (2pm) ... I am organizing a public-talk. It is free ... but the response is not good. So, sitting here preparing for the talk, I wonder why ...

Point 1 : I am an unknown trader.

Point 2 : The content. Got sure win tips ar?

Point 3 : So far ... you think I am free meh?

Point 4 : No free makan ar?

There are many reasons why my public-talk is not attracting any crowd. Knowing that stock-market consist of 80% who do not wish to learn ... it is very difficult to share knowledge (even for free) as that is not what the masses want. They want tips, sure-win tips.

Then, why am I having a public-talk for?

Personally, I like going for public-talk ... mostly organized by IBs.  And I always learn something from those talks ... whenever I m free, I will attend those public-talk. It increases my knowledge.

So ... I thought by giving a free public-talk, in a smaller crowd ... I could share trading ideas with readers and some of those experienced traders ... giving pointers in a closed place. Yes, I could learn from them too!!

Contents : How do we deal with our EMOTIONS? I will be more of sharing my experiences ... how I struggled at early stage ... then how slowly I have accepted the game-of-stocks. Controlling our emotion is always a very important part in trading.

For example : Catching a knife .... say in AirAsia now.

Besides the charts ... there are emotions involved. Should I cut-loss? Should I average down? Or should I buy now?

That is what I want to share about today.

Maybe my topic is not catchy enough : EMOTION?

Well ... need to crack my head and come-out with a better topic then.

Note to myself : It is not what you want to talk about but what others want to hear.

contact me at : 012 - 821 0129 for details.


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