Friday, May 22, 2015

Public Talk #3 : Emotion

Tmr will be my #3 public talk ... also a reason why I am attending the ToastMaster Club, to learn how to give a good talk. Practice makes perfect, they said.

Anyway, I have 6-8 stated their interest to come (please contact me again for the details and confirmation you are coming tmr. Thanks)

As I have limited space(only can seat 15 at most), hope to fill in empty spaces.

The talk tmr will be about EMOTION.

Yesterday KLCI dived ... due to 11MP? Hmm ... that really no give face to Najib (as Ah Din's video went viral).

So ... the Monday e-meeting could help many of my members to know that KLCI rebounded NOT sustainable (Sold MISC RM8.49, Sold Axiata RM6.75, Sold Sold Tenaga at RM14.30, Sold IOICorp at 4.35) ... that is my M.A.T.I list which I bought hugely inside them during recent correction. Sold Airport yesterday too ... sold CMSB ... sold Inari ... sold FGV (huge losses here) ... Sold MBSB (at 1.95 resistance) ... Sold Scable( yesterday 1.46, bought 1.34 average the day before) ... Sold Homeriz ... Sold ... sell sell ...

I bought many during the sales ... 12th-13th May. This month is a good month, with for few small losses. The score ... have not updated ... should be around 25 - 10, I think.

Time to rest ... keep the cash as for now. The upside is not worth the risk. So, keep the profits and WAIT for that day ... the sell-down. It will come ...

cohort-18 : Planning on 6th and 7th June next month. This might be an interesting one IF market is to DIVE before my trading  workshop!! Adding few new items I learnt, cutting less the stories. haha.

Stock-watch : This is to track on my trades ... good or bad. May is over soon, so join me in June for a month trial. I do have e-meeting on Monday night(weekly without miss) to explain and update the members ... and once in a while, I will have free e-meeting for members ... especially for those wish to learn. Yes ... I added the learning-elements in my Stock-Watch, which previously not. Also, with having new face, members could check the updates there as I m keeping some of the trades done(for learning purposes).

Learn to trade well ... and we could sustain in market. Increase our knowledge, less talk non-sense ... we could be better traders.

I am 6 yrs in KLSE now ... 2 yrs in FKLI/FCPO.

Let's share our EMOTIONAL experiences in my talk tmr!!


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