Monday, May 18, 2015

M.A.T.I to be maintained?

Airport : Resistance at RM6.60, selling tmr.

After I sold Axiata, I went for Airport ... it formed a hammer!! Yes, maintaining my M.A.T.I ... and grabbed Inari last week to replace my IOICorp.

Inari : Hitting resistance today. We bought last week ... see if it could breakout of 1.52 level. Good momentum play. But, if fail to break into new high, take profit.

Tenaga : I was queuing to sell RM4.18 (ex-div today) and it taken at Rm4.30. Thanks ... this is another no-brainer buying at RM3.70-RM3.80.

Now ... to maintain my MATI list, I need to replace Tenaga with another "T" counter ... perhaps, T for Teh Tarik? T = THOR ... yes, I just watched THOR (I & II)

As for my D.S.A.I list ... the D = Dialog not materialized as I missed it two weeks ago. Once the good results out, it gapped up and I won't chase.

Will discuss about Jesse Livermore's (page 106) tonight with my trading members in our weekly e-meeting. If you missed my morning posting, here is the link

I will want to write more about it after the meeting ... but do go to

click like :

Time to rest ... off


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