Monday, May 04, 2015

Icon-Offshore (code : 5255)

Morning ... Monday day.

Congrats to the BLUE.

A long weekend is much needed. I went to a Sekinchan ... a small fishing village, but we could not find a single hotel to stay, so ... it is just a day trip.

Ok ... lets talk about stocks. Someone asked me about ICON ... into new low due to some MACC investigation. If we are not on board, we should NOT consider it as it is dealing with some issues.

Focus's headline recently : More arrests likely as Icon probe widen.

ICON OFFSHORE (code : 5255)

ICON : Broken 60cents, closed at 57.5cents at the moment.

Personally, I do like waterfalls ... catching knives. But, when I was asked about ICON, I m not interested. I do recall that I caught the waterfall in Zhulian and Hibicus 2-3 yrs ago ... and cut-off my fingers. It is not worth it ...

But, if you are holding to ICON ... bought much higher(above RM1.50), I do not have any comment on that. Cutting losses may be too late, but if not ... we might be holding to it for long-time and not knowing the direction of the company.

If you are less than 3 years in stock-market, you need to go for GOOD fundamental companies ... with good dividend yield, strong management and proven track-records in their profits.

Why ICON? The name is not good, either. Kena-con, how? I will prefer Alam anytime at current level.

Never go into the sinking ship ... we are not the captain, we are just small passengers. Think RISK ... and avoid at all cost. Even if it recovering, I will not consider.

That is my comment for ICON.


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tradetheplan said...

Well said about icon like water fall. Agreed and just see from sideline.