Tuesday, May 26, 2015

e-meeting : Are we bottom yet?

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Tonight I will have another e-meeting to show few technical charts, and to check if it is time to buy more into current correction.

Invitation to Murali of i3 : Did you ever come to any of my e-meeting? It is free when I open it to public. I do not show any of my trades here as it is meant for members only. Besides, I m not answerable to anyone. I m just stating what I buy-sell ... it is up to members to decide. But, please do not insult ... personal attack or accusing me of anything. Please do not call my trading members names and insult them. You are welcome to my tonight's e-meeting. Or next one ... which I will invite you again, till I see you in my meeting-room. It will be my pleasure to have my critics ... and show to you that I m not as what you tried to paint.

Murali : To attract more biz you should post the counters here when you bought people will see your kungfu when your counters go up and then you sell for good profit....not everytime after a certain counters went up you only come out to claim you bought at low price earlier and blah blah blah. Just like what OTB did...he recommended people to buy and when prices go up he could claim the credit and can attract more supporters and course if the prices come down then prepared to be screwed....fair trade......unlike you, you are so shy to tell people when you bought....only when prices went up then u come out to talk credibility and no biz....this is my sincere comment....

Thanks for some of your recommendation. Do read more successful-self-help book ... it stated that we run our own race and not to compare ourselves to others. So ... I am CP, not whoever you worshipping. I m not answerable to you ... and please be gentle with your words. I do not condone vulgarity. And I m not going down to that level.

Thanks for you sincere comment.

Note : Sorry that I seldom to i3-forum to check on many condemnation you (or few others) have made. Scanning through your comments, it seems that you are kinda decent people, reasonable enough for me to contact you.

Hope to see you in one of my e-meeting. I could answer whatever you have doubt about.

Signing off, preparing for my e-meeting.


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