Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Be excited : KLCI sales is around

Bargain buying time ... glad to have sold many last week before the selldown, but still stuck with few.

It is that bargain-sales time again ... and moving into buy.

KLCI before yesterday sell-down ... then it lost 20points. Thanks to Tenaga.

After yesterday ... KLCI at support ... RSI slightly below 30.

FEAR = BUY? Yes or No?

Buying oversold blue-chips or strong counters ... that is lower risk as market-sentiment is bad, affected by 1MDB and many more reasons.

I m tired ... had public-talk on Sat (why FEAR is a buy? and criteria of catching knives). Then, Sunday night I have another e-meeting to those missed. Many of my trading members interested to join. Being a dedicated teacher, I m obliged.

Last night is our weekly e-meeting for my stock-watch members, on what stocks I am going to buy, which I bought and level of cut-loss. It is a reminder to all members to ignore the herd-mentality, focus in our trades ... and continue to do well.

Time for lunch, KLCI plus 5.

FCPO gapped up ... I longed FCPO and taken profit too early(again). UP 50plus points now ... due to SOY shot above 32, after resting a day(memorial day).

To join my stock-watch group (I m going to start an e-learning group in July), contact me at . All my trades shown in my stock-watch group.


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