Sunday, May 31, 2015

e-meeting : Trading In The Zone

Time : 9pm - to 10.30pm
Q&A : After 10.30pm
All are invited but limited space (max 100)

Thursday, May 28, 2015

e-meeting : Deliberate Practice

As I am lazy to blog these days after facing the pc whole day ... crunching those numbers red-green-red ... so, I m doing Vlog instead. Yes ... e-meeting to talk about what I want to talk about today :


Time : 9.30pm to 10.30pm

Venue :

What’s the best predictor of success in a person’s life, including when it comes to goals in education? “Grit,” says psychologist Dr. Angela Lee Duckworth.


Public talk #4 : Profit from Panic

KLCI is flat ... zzzz ... didn't rebound but at least we do not see gap down this morning. DOW up 120 points, perhaps helped to paint a greener picture.

This is the chart I shared in my e-meeting last night. It was full and late comers could not log in. Thanks for few non-members who attended my uncle-style market talk.

So ... as KLCI retracing so well ... I am going to have a public talk this Saturday morning 10.30am to 12.30am.

Topic : How to prepare during market correction.

Objective : To reach out for my readers, in person.

I have this talk in my Public-Talk #2 ... and at that moment, market was moving higher. Today, at least we could see many cheap-sales around the corner. What should we be buying?

Let me if you are attending as I have limited spaces (max 15).

contact : 012 821 0129 or e-mail

Have a nice shopping day.


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

e-meeting : Are we at the bottom yet (part ii)?

Go to :

Time : 9.30pm to 10.30pm

Topic : Follow-up on last night e-meeting.

Are we bottom yet?

Note : This is especially for those newbies who want to learn few pointers. You are most welcomed.


ex-index linked counters : At LOW

Stocks : AirAsia, BJToto, FGV, IOIPG, MHB, UEMS etc etc .... MAS

UEMS : Trading at "low" price(tracking all the way back to May 2009) ... Iskandar projects slowing down and some scraped. This is a GLC, which owns largest land in Johore ... and one huge falling giant. UEM married Sunrise(developer of Mt Kiara) some years back to give birth to UEM-S (S = Sunrise, for those newbies). UEMLand, UEMBuilder, UEMWorld ... I remembered these counters when I was very new in KLSE ... 6 yrs back.

Taken from i3 : UEM Land Holdings Berhad is a Malaysia-based investment holding company. Through its subsidiaries, the Company is engaged in property development, turnkey development and construction, land trading, property investment, project procurement and management and investment holding. The Company's project portfolio include Kota Iskandar, Puteri Harbour, the Southern Industrial and Logistics Clusters (SiLC), Afiat Healthpark and Nusajaya Residences. The Company had two direct subsidiaries: Nusajaya Resort Sdn. Bhd., which is engaged in proprietor and management of a Malaysia clubhouse, and UEM Land Berhad, which is engaged in project procurement and management and strategic investment holding. On February 16, 2011, the Company announced that it has acquired the remaining offer shares of Sunrise Berhad, making Sunrise its wholly owned subsidiary. In October 2011, the Company acquired parcels of land from Inch Kenneth Kajang Rubber Public Limited Company.

Well ... UEMS managed to get listed as KLCI index-linked counter. But ... somehow, they taken her out. This lady down from high RM3.59(adjusted div) and today trading at RM1.03 day-low.

What should we do if we have bought her at RM1.50 ... RM2 ... RM2.50 ... RM3 ... or even higher?

That is difficult to answer as cut-loss at the current level could be too painful. When it went below RM1.60, that is a cut-loss point. When it went below RM2.80, that was a cut-loss point ... depending on the entry price and if for trading purposes, we need to take-profit (or cut-loss) ... unless we are investing.

Property sector has been very hot some 2-4 years ago ... and slowing down now. Iskandar's developments and hypes were so rapid ... LEGOLAND ... now, the Education-hub ... nice projects, expensive condos/bungalows for the rich-n-famous ... or foreigners?

I have avoid property counters for nearly a year now ... as I seeing the whole sector have more downside to come. I will still avoid ... but looking to trade UEMS when it reverses.

MHB : Listed in Oct 2010 (born from mommy MISC), IPO at RM3.61 ... went to hit high RM8.50!! wow. Today .. it is trading around RM1.20 level, low at RM1.06. Is it CHEAP?? Dropping from RM8 level ... and how are we going to cut-loss, right?

Taken from i3 : Malaysia Marine and Heavy Engineering Holdings Berhad (MHB), formerly MSE Holdings Berhad, is a Malaysia-based company. The Company is engaged in the provision of heavy engineering and marine services, which focuses on the oil and gas sector. The Company operates in two segments: engineering and construction, and marine conversion and marine repair. Its engineering and construction business offers a range of oil and gas construction and engineering services, from detailed engineering design and procurement to construction, installation, hook-up and commissioning. Its marine conversion business includes converting vessels, such as very large crude carriers (VLCCs), Aframax tanker and offshore oil rigs into floating structures for the offshore and gas industry. Its comprehensive marine conversion services range from engineering design to fabrication, installation and commissioning of these structures. In October 2011, it dissolved its wholly owned subsidiary MSE Corporation Sdn Bhd

Yes, MHB was listed in KLCI previously ... somehow, it was taken out and now have to fend for herself. The news of depleting order-book and SELL calls by many IBs attracted me to look at her ...

AirAsia : Trading as year-low ... needs to go back to Oct 2010 to see current RM2 level. It was trading in KLCI previously. Still trying to find the bottom ... trading at RM2.07 today.

FGV : Still going lower as I am writing ... at RM1.90 level today. What was the IPO price?

IOIPG : Also at the low ... at RM1.99 level now ... low 1.95 as for today.

There are few more ... which I might have missed out. Do let me know the counters. Will like to update their charts.

Note : Index-linked counters might not necessary be good. It might be taken out from the index, and funds will be selling ...

KLCI minus 13 points ... no bottom seen yet.

Trade with cautious.

Thanks to those came for my last night e-meeting.


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

e-meeting : Are we bottom yet?

To join, click here

Tonight I will have another e-meeting to show few technical charts, and to check if it is time to buy more into current correction.

Invitation to Murali of i3 : Did you ever come to any of my e-meeting? It is free when I open it to public. I do not show any of my trades here as it is meant for members only. Besides, I m not answerable to anyone. I m just stating what I buy-sell ... it is up to members to decide. But, please do not insult ... personal attack or accusing me of anything. Please do not call my trading members names and insult them. You are welcome to my tonight's e-meeting. Or next one ... which I will invite you again, till I see you in my meeting-room. It will be my pleasure to have my critics ... and show to you that I m not as what you tried to paint.

Murali : To attract more biz you should post the counters here when you bought people will see your kungfu when your counters go up and then you sell for good profit....not everytime after a certain counters went up you only come out to claim you bought at low price earlier and blah blah blah. Just like what OTB did...he recommended people to buy and when prices go up he could claim the credit and can attract more supporters and course if the prices come down then prepared to be screwed....fair trade......unlike you, you are so shy to tell people when you bought....only when prices went up then u come out to talk credibility and no biz....this is my sincere comment....

Thanks for some of your recommendation. Do read more successful-self-help book ... it stated that we run our own race and not to compare ourselves to others. So ... I am CP, not whoever you worshipping. I m not answerable to you ... and please be gentle with your words. I do not condone vulgarity. And I m not going down to that level.

Thanks for you sincere comment.

Note : Sorry that I seldom to i3-forum to check on many condemnation you (or few others) have made. Scanning through your comments, it seems that you are kinda decent people, reasonable enough for me to contact you.

Hope to see you in one of my e-meeting. I could answer whatever you have doubt about.

Signing off, preparing for my e-meeting.


Be excited : KLCI sales is around

Bargain buying time ... glad to have sold many last week before the selldown, but still stuck with few.

It is that bargain-sales time again ... and moving into buy.

KLCI before yesterday sell-down ... then it lost 20points. Thanks to Tenaga.

After yesterday ... KLCI at support ... RSI slightly below 30.

FEAR = BUY? Yes or No?

Buying oversold blue-chips or strong counters ... that is lower risk as market-sentiment is bad, affected by 1MDB and many more reasons.

I m tired ... had public-talk on Sat (why FEAR is a buy? and criteria of catching knives). Then, Sunday night I have another e-meeting to those missed. Many of my trading members interested to join. Being a dedicated teacher, I m obliged.

Last night is our weekly e-meeting for my stock-watch members, on what stocks I am going to buy, which I bought and level of cut-loss. It is a reminder to all members to ignore the herd-mentality, focus in our trades ... and continue to do well.

Time for lunch, KLCI plus 5.

FCPO gapped up ... I longed FCPO and taken profit too early(again). UP 50plus points now ... due to SOY shot above 32, after resting a day(memorial day).

To join my stock-watch group (I m going to start an e-learning group in July), contact me at . All my trades shown in my stock-watch group.


Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Edge #1068 : On the radar

Petronas 1Q net profit down 39%

Petronas' net profit for the quarter ended March 31,2015, dropped 39% to RM11.4 billion from RM18.8 billion in the same quarter last year on the back of lower crude oil prices. Revenue stood at RM66.2 billion during the quarter compared with RM84 billion in the previous year.
TEH : Crude oil trading at USD60 range ... and PETRONAS revenue/profit is down by whooping 39%. Ouch ... watch for the further downside for PETRONAS linked counters and KLCI have more downside risk.

PChem : I remembered I bought and caught this knife ... very nicely, below RM5. Well ... being a trader, I have sold her when it rebounded sharply (too fast for my liking). Today it is trading at RM6.20. So, who said we cannot catch a knife ... a good counter such as PChem (dived due to falling of crude oil price ... crisis investing and fear = buy applied here). Who said cant get 10-20% from the counter ... and why retailers prefer Sumatec? Yeah ... I could understand as I was from those newbie-level.

Bank Negara reserves at RM393.4bil

Bank Negara Malaysia's international reserves amounted to RM393.4 billion (USS106.2 billion) as at May 15, above the RM392.4 billion (USS105.8 billion) position as at end-April. The reserves are sufficient to finance eight months of retained imports and are 1.1 times short-term external debt.

TEH : If we are not working, no income ... we have to make sure we have saving at least 6 months of average monthly expenses. I have stopped my full-time job since last June. So ... by end of June, it will be a year I am out of college-teaching!!

Muhyiddin recommends sacking 1MDB board
Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has called for the sacking of IMalaysia Development Bhd's (1MDB) board of directors. He made the recommendation in a closed-door meeting with Umno leaders last week ....

TEH : This is the risk ... political risk in KLSE at the moment. 1MDB stories keep popping out ... and TDM is very vocal about it. We have to understand how HUGE this could affect our MYR, our rating (might be down-graded soon) and the political un-stability ... DAP vs PAS .... Jib vs TDM and Din.

MRT2 to cost more than RM30 bil

TEH : No comment

IMDB's investments in BSI in asset form

Second Finance Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Husni Mohamad Hanadzlah last week tried to clear the air on the redeemed investment in the Cayman Islands by 1MDB. The minister explained that the redeemed investment parked in Singapore's BSI Bank Ltd was in the form of assets and not cash.

TEH : Hmmm .... Cayman Is ... Singapore Bank ... now un-defined assets. Words being twisted by someone we SHOULD trust most ... our finance minister. We are in political RISK (avoid stock-market is a good idea too).

Press Metal suspends Samalaju operations

Press Metal Bhd has temporarily suspended operations at its Samalaju smelting plant in Sarawak for safety reasons following a fire on May 17,

TEH : Yes ... PMetal was my good trade when I bought around 2.80 level and sold. I bought PMetal-wc too ... after it rebounded. Sold off .... and now due to another bad news : Fire. I do not like playing with fire ... so, RM2.80 is not a buy for me ... and perhaps if it could dive lower ... to RM2.30 level to consider.
PM tables 11th Malaysia Plan
Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak tabled the 11th Malaysia Plan in Parliament on Thursday. The plan constitutes the last lap before 2020, the year when Malaysia aspires to join the ranks of high-income nations with a gross national income per capita of more than US$15,000 (RM54,000). In the run-up to 2020, the government plans to spend RM260 billion on development projects, up from RM230 billion in 10MP.
TEH : This is the most important event of the week .... but the mood spoilt by 1MDB-crisis. High-income country is a joke, please don't take them seriously. RM54k is not high ... not for someone staying in KL, with a non-working wife and two young kids (like me la).  Do the math.

Closing the gap? The rich is becoming richer ... the poor is poorer(GST affecting them most) ... while the middle-class working adults like me is being squeezed.

Sime Darby's plunges
Sime Darby Bhd's net profit fell 55% to RM386.04 million in 3QFY2015 from RM852.53 million a year ago on lower contribution from its plantation, industrial and automotive divisions.

TEH : With another giant showing bad-reports on profit, be prepare for more downside in KLCI.

ISIS planning kidnapping, bank heists
Islamic State in Iraq and Syria operatives in Malaysia are now planning ransom kidnappings and bank heists in a bid to fund their militant activities, Malaysian police said on Wednesday. Local militants recruited by the Islamic group are targeting business centres and government offices in Putrajaya
TEH : ISIS presence in Malaysia ... this is another piece of bad-news for Najib's admin. No joke, this is a serious threat to our peace. Katak is just blah-ing and not a threat ... ISIS is.
Ok ... spent an hour or so for this post ... while having dinner(alone).
Public talk : Well, I do have 5 ''outsiders'' came for my talk yesterday ... and few of my own trading-members. Yes, most of them appreciate my sharing. One of them (sound experienced to me) got to know me thru i3 (so, I shown him inside my trading group ... the stocks I bought/sold and to prove to him, I m a trader ... and then, I asked him to go to i3-forum ... tell them to come to my free-talk to know me. haha) and he said he will be joining me! Great.
Anyway, many who are not staying around asked if I will be having another talk in Ipoh, Penang .... and Sabah! I will ... I will. I am going down to meet readers and traders-alike.
Tonight, I will have a repeat of what I shared(summerised) yesterday ... through e-meeting. Those interested to come click here : . Meeting will start at 9pm.
Time to go home ... rest and prepare for the meeting.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Public Talk : Contents

Today (2pm) ... I am organizing a public-talk. It is free ... but the response is not good. So, sitting here preparing for the talk, I wonder why ...

Point 1 : I am an unknown trader.

Point 2 : The content. Got sure win tips ar?

Point 3 : So far ... you think I am free meh?

Point 4 : No free makan ar?

There are many reasons why my public-talk is not attracting any crowd. Knowing that stock-market consist of 80% who do not wish to learn ... it is very difficult to share knowledge (even for free) as that is not what the masses want. They want tips, sure-win tips.

Then, why am I having a public-talk for?

Personally, I like going for public-talk ... mostly organized by IBs.  And I always learn something from those talks ... whenever I m free, I will attend those public-talk. It increases my knowledge.

So ... I thought by giving a free public-talk, in a smaller crowd ... I could share trading ideas with readers and some of those experienced traders ... giving pointers in a closed place. Yes, I could learn from them too!!

Contents : How do we deal with our EMOTIONS? I will be more of sharing my experiences ... how I struggled at early stage ... then how slowly I have accepted the game-of-stocks. Controlling our emotion is always a very important part in trading.

For example : Catching a knife .... say in AirAsia now.

Besides the charts ... there are emotions involved. Should I cut-loss? Should I average down? Or should I buy now?

That is what I want to share about today.

Maybe my topic is not catchy enough : EMOTION?

Well ... need to crack my head and come-out with a better topic then.

Note to myself : It is not what you want to talk about but what others want to hear.

contact me at : 012 - 821 0129 for details.


Friday, May 22, 2015

Public Talk #3 : Emotion

Tmr will be my #3 public talk ... also a reason why I am attending the ToastMaster Club, to learn how to give a good talk. Practice makes perfect, they said.

Anyway, I have 6-8 stated their interest to come (please contact me again for the details and confirmation you are coming tmr. Thanks)

As I have limited space(only can seat 15 at most), hope to fill in empty spaces.

The talk tmr will be about EMOTION.

Yesterday KLCI dived ... due to 11MP? Hmm ... that really no give face to Najib (as Ah Din's video went viral).

So ... the Monday e-meeting could help many of my members to know that KLCI rebounded NOT sustainable (Sold MISC RM8.49, Sold Axiata RM6.75, Sold Sold Tenaga at RM14.30, Sold IOICorp at 4.35) ... that is my M.A.T.I list which I bought hugely inside them during recent correction. Sold Airport yesterday too ... sold CMSB ... sold Inari ... sold FGV (huge losses here) ... Sold MBSB (at 1.95 resistance) ... Sold Scable( yesterday 1.46, bought 1.34 average the day before) ... Sold Homeriz ... Sold ... sell sell ...

I bought many during the sales ... 12th-13th May. This month is a good month, with for few small losses. The score ... have not updated ... should be around 25 - 10, I think.

Time to rest ... keep the cash as for now. The upside is not worth the risk. So, keep the profits and WAIT for that day ... the sell-down. It will come ...

cohort-18 : Planning on 6th and 7th June next month. This might be an interesting one IF market is to DIVE before my trading  workshop!! Adding few new items I learnt, cutting less the stories. haha.

Stock-watch : This is to track on my trades ... good or bad. May is over soon, so join me in June for a month trial. I do have e-meeting on Monday night(weekly without miss) to explain and update the members ... and once in a while, I will have free e-meeting for members ... especially for those wish to learn. Yes ... I added the learning-elements in my Stock-Watch, which previously not. Also, with having new face, members could check the updates there as I m keeping some of the trades done(for learning purposes).

Learn to trade well ... and we could sustain in market. Increase our knowledge, less talk non-sense ... we could be better traders.

I am 6 yrs in KLSE now ... 2 yrs in FKLI/FCPO.

Let's share our EMOTIONAL experiences in my talk tmr!!


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

KLCI below 200MA

KLCI dived ... below 200MA, again. Here we go again ... only last night I told during e-meeting the current rebound is not sustainable ... and telling to watch 1837 resistance level to SELL.

Tried to sell Airport for profit, ex-div today ... but it was not liquid. Sold part in the morning ... still have some.

Many sold MISC at 8.50 level, I was too slow ... it gapped down during closing to RM8.36.

If KLCI dive below 1800 level, will be glad to wait ... but DOW at new high!!

Few breakout to new high today : Homeriz broken 1.25 and ECS above RM1.73.

e-meeting : To promote my public-talk (this Saturday ... 5 contacted me so far, don't know if they are for real to come) ... I will have an e-meeting for all on Thu night, 9.30pm.



Monday, May 18, 2015

M.A.T.I to be maintained?

Airport : Resistance at RM6.60, selling tmr.

After I sold Axiata, I went for Airport ... it formed a hammer!! Yes, maintaining my M.A.T.I ... and grabbed Inari last week to replace my IOICorp.

Inari : Hitting resistance today. We bought last week ... see if it could breakout of 1.52 level. Good momentum play. But, if fail to break into new high, take profit.

Tenaga : I was queuing to sell RM4.18 (ex-div today) and it taken at Rm4.30. Thanks ... this is another no-brainer buying at RM3.70-RM3.80.

Now ... to maintain my MATI list, I need to replace Tenaga with another "T" counter ... perhaps, T for Teh Tarik? T = THOR ... yes, I just watched THOR (I & II)

As for my D.S.A.I list ... the D = Dialog not materialized as I missed it two weeks ago. Once the good results out, it gapped up and I won't chase.

Will discuss about Jesse Livermore's (page 106) tonight with my trading members in our weekly e-meeting. If you missed my morning posting, here is the link

I will want to write more about it after the meeting ... but do go to

click like :

Time to rest ... off


Sell the losers

Jesse Livermore. How to Trade in Stocks.

Jesse Livermore : page 106

The one thing I learned in my many years of playing the stock market is that there are always opportunities in the market, so to remain with your cash in a stand-by position meant that your money, your inventory, was inactive now but this could yield huge benefits in the future, when it was finally committed to that "special situation." Just as it is true that many people will sell their good stocks and keep their losers it is true that they will also keep the stocks that are flat, not doing anything, or going anywhere.

Please beware that this does not mean a stock will not have a normal correction or a normal consolidation in an upward trend...what we are talking about here is a stock that is just wallowing in a trading channel making no progress in either direction is the stock being accumulated or is it being distributed. If it is not clear then it is sometimes best to exit the stock than to take a chance that it is being distributed and will eventually go down and cost you money. Give the stock a little time to show itself in these situations, but waste no time in .wooing out an inconclusive stock and moving on to another trading situation.

"I have often sold a stock that has moved a point or two in my favor, but I simply do not like the weak or limp manner in which the stock is acting. It does not matter to me if I am even, or a have a small profit or a small loss—the facts remain—the stock did not do what I had analyzed and believed that it would do—so the conclusion is always simple to me—my judgment was wrong and I must exit the trade. One thing I know for sure is that my judgment has been wrong in the past and it would be wrong again in the future. The DANGER is in not recognizing it and getting out. The wise are right—pride often does come before a fall.

TEH :I will slowly share Jesse Livermore's writing as I have been trading according to his way ... he was the BEST trader in the world. But, I noticed I have against few of the rules ... and that is when I lose money. I will discuss this during tonight's e-meeting (9.30pm to 9.45pm)

The e-meeting is only for members.

Will write more on it at


Saturday, May 16, 2015

Trading : Manage Emotions

This is a good clip to share. Listen to it carefully.
I will enjoy to talk about this topic : Manage Emotions
Public Talk : 23th MAY (next Saturday)
Venue : Subang Jaya
Fees : Free
Limited seats
contact : or 012-821 0129
I will share some of my experiences and how we could learn how to control our emotion.
Quote : Trading is an art, not science.
See you all next week and have a nice weekend.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Stock Watch : Axiata

Axiata : Bought at support RM6.60 level and sold yesterday at RM6.75-RM6.77, to release the funds for something else.

So ... when such blue-chips in sales, we buy in huge portion, right?

Done with IOICorp ... and Axiata. I do still have MISC and Tenaga.

Had a nice e-meeting last night ...

Time to rest ...


Thursday, May 14, 2015

Tonight e-meeting : All invited

Public e-meeting tonight : 9.30pm to 10.30pm

Discussion and sharing of this clip. Listen to the clip before you attend.

Click the above. Like the page.

Limited to 100 only.


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Stock Watch : IOICorp

IOICorp : Hit low 4.09 yesterday as I wanted at RM3.90 - RM4 (haha). We all bought at closing price after seeing the good candle ... and I have advised all during Monday e-meeting to buy HUGE.

I sold RM4.30 today(resistance RM4.32) and sold all at RM4.40 .. it went to RM4.46 before cooling off at RM4.35 at the moment. So fast!

I shown the group Plantation-index at support and told them FCPO above 2200 level now, if IOICorp formed good candlestick during closing or dive lower to RM4, collect and buy huge. Now it rebounded sharply ... too sharp, so SELL first, talk later.

I am left with MAT ... as the "I" is done.


Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Support 1800 to break?

9.30 am : Morning ... KLCI red. Minus 8 points at the moment.

Listening to Yin Hsia's old songs ... nice. Got it from mom. Hehe.

银霞 - 小語

Index-linked : I am buying the oversold counters ... I like IOICorp, Tenaga, Axiata ... now MISC.

M.A.T.I : MISC, Axiata, Tenaga and IOICorp.

IOICorp : News around that it might be taken out from the syariah-compliant list ... and dropping to RM4.12. What a cheap sales ... bought at 4.20, cleared her at 4.18 yesterday morning ... now at 4.10 level ... hope it will drop to RM3.90 support. I will start to collect back at RM4 level.

Yes, buy oversold blue-chips ... move funds into that. Penny-stocks at high risk at the moment.

Need to write in ...

have nice day.


Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sunday : Mommy's day

7.05 pm: Thiam Kee Restaurant, USJ Taipan

Happy Mom’s day to all moms … I went to have lunch with mom and she cooked for us.

11th MP : This is an important event … tabling at 21st MAY. Many are talking about Construction as the sector. It is known to everyone … and since when the herd/crowd get the trading idea right? Will that be a trap to those who will be rushing into some construction counters? Gamuda? YTL? IJM? MRCB? CMSB? … errr … Mudajaya, WCT?

MRCB : Being highlighted by media a few times!! Watching the move ...

Tabung Haji : The great-deal done … and linked to 1MDB. Now it is becoming the hottest topic in town. I won’t be pointing into politics … but the deal is questionable as a bail-out. Dr M has been critical of 1MDB and using the currently exposed deal to his benefit … to shoot, who you know. Will that affect any of counters held by Tabung Haji, as major shareholders … as they might be forced to pare down their holdings, if the out-flux of investors is huge?

By-election: No changes, they retained their respective seats. Technically KLCI should rebound next week … but, we have a huge risk in 1MDB … will it explodes?

Trading workshop : I attended a workshop yesterday and will want to write about it. Perhaps in my new-page

My D.S.A.I

Sunway : I have sold part at 2.49 as I caught her below RM2.36 - 2.42. Next level to sell my "S" is at RM2.59 ... Sunway construction is listing ...

Axiata : Have been monitoring its dive for past 2 weeks ... finally, caught her at RM6.59-6.60. Read somewhere that their operations in Indon is losing them some money.

IOICorp : Bought at RM4.20 ... will buy more at RM3.90 level. Hope it will drop further lower ... due to some news that it might be taken out from the syariah-compliant list.

How about the "D" ... ? Still waiting for it to go lower to my entry point. Then, I will post it here after I sold, ok?

All the trades done were given ''live'' to the group. I am not answerable to anyone as I m independent. Even the members have to trade at own risk, and I could only show all my trades openly.

Aiming to maintain my good trading records : 8 - 1 as of in MAY.

Have a nice trading week ahead as DOW jumped 267 points on Friday. Phew ... I longed FKLI ... expecting rebound as the hammers!!


Friday, May 08, 2015

Technical Rebound : KLCI

Morning ... was busy with my trades and having a class. KLCI up ... up ... rebounded after diving yesterday. Is it sustainable? I don't know ... I have bought many and in selling spree, and changing to some other counters.

Penta : Was queuing at 0.65 not done yesterday, sold 0.665 done today. At times, if we didn't manage to sell, it could go higher. But ... as trader, we plan to sell 20MA (65cents), we will q to sell. Don't worry ... many more to look into. This is a good 10% in 4 days. Well, good FA too ... so, we choose good FA during pullback to buy.

Presbhd : Sold 2.56 recently ... that is my immediate resistance. Sell lor ... waiting to buy at RM2.40 level again.

My score after sold-off PMetal and PMetal-wc stands at : 6 - 1 for month of MAY.

Bought Sunway yesterday all the way below RM3.40 ... today rebound, sold part at 3.49 ... keeping to sell ALL at 50MA(RM3.50).

After Sunway, the score should be 7 - 1.

Buying huge and focus is my strategy now ... since I sold off most last-week ... holding to cash. Was busy buying for past few days. Thanks to the sales ....

My shorts in FCPO is doing well too ... recently a shooting-star at 2200 level. So nice ... confirmation of that, I short again, and closed all my long FCPO. But ... I still want to long FCPO ... for MAY.

Tonight will have tratles meeting ... and continue to discuss about penny-stocks to buy during current short correction. Hope KLCI will dive further to 1770 level.

At the moment, yesterday formed an inverted hammer at support 1805. So, I go LONG for FKLI.

11MP coming ... Malakoff coming ... so, KLCI wont dive? Your take, please.


Stock Watch : The "P"

Penta : Hit 65 ... and I shall queue to sell higher. Stochastic crossover. Nice. Shall see if 20MA broken tmr, and sell higher.

PMetal : Another stocks I bought in huge before the results out. It shown good results, but did not gap up or shoot higher. Managed to sell part at 2.95 today, will wait for it to break RM3. We bought PMetal-wc below RM1.90 too.

Pesona : This is what most retailers like ... and got trapped inside. This is being pumped and now ... dumped. Oversold ... will you punt? This is high risk ... but as usual, retailers will jump in.

Priva : Another retailers and punters favourite. See if it could break 35 cents .... and we shall see free-fall. Still well supported at the moment.

P : Presbhd, PoHuat, Prelexus ... PChem, Parkson, Perisai, Padini... and more in my trading list.

After selling my Penta and PMetal ... I may want D S A I

KLCI closed lower ... at 1805. Excitement started to show as I am starting my shopping spree ... Thanks for dropping so much as I have stated in my e-meeting and public-talk.

e-meeting : I will have an open e-meeting to all, perhaps this Sunday night.

Go to

Night ... as tmr another interesting day. Hope it could break 1800 ... please go lower.


Thursday, May 07, 2015

Trading or Punting?

Penta : Bought at 60.5cents, hitting my 20MA at 65cents for me to sell. Thanks.

I am changing into focus ... and less trading, buy in larger portions and sell for profits. For cut-loss, take it small ... just cut-loss before it bleeds more.

This is something a newbie in trading can learn ... let your profits run till it hit your target, cut-loss short if it breaks the support. Majority in market could not understand that trading is very difficult.

especially if we are trading penny-stocks.

I have many came in my group, and shown me their losing portfolio. Many have few common goring-stocks such as Sumatec, Iris and such ... you name it, those very hot-stocks. But as they do not cut-loss ... now they are stuck with these rubbish-stocks.

This is the latest addition to their long losing list ... VSolar. This pump-n-dump counter is being played and to attract greedy ignorant traders to punt into her. Happy when huge profit ... then now sad as they didn't take profit, it came lower ... they average it down ... and now huge funds stuck inside there.

Then .. some of those dealers/remisiers ... taking the opportunity to ask their clients to buy, never help them to exit.

And some so-called sifu will be coming out to claim they profit 100% (remembered someone boasting he profited 100% from Wintoni and wonder what happened now?) ... or some in forums yelling they profited 100-300% from these.

Those silent readers ... quietly they will buy. Greed taking over their heads ... and they have bad experiences before, but emotion in control. Another time ... and another ... ini kali-la, they said. It never occur to them that it is silly to blindly punting into empty-rubbish counters as many speculating. It never hit their brain(something inside their skulls) that trading is a long learning process, with painful experiences to learn.  : Done some renovation for my new home ... and will continue this post there.

Visit me there ... for discussion on stocks. This will be used to keep my adventure in trading.


Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Technical rebound in KLCI

Tuesday ... KLCI shot up due to technical-rebound.

FCPO : What is more interesting is that SOY went above 32.50 level, and pushed the FCPO to gap up 60 points this morning opening. I closed 2 of my longs, as I m holding to 5 long contracts! FCPO giving me great profits ... unlike FKLI zzzz

Tmr is Math-paper exams(code 5709). So, today I will have full-day tuition till night.

Presbhd : Bought 2.43 level last Friday, sold off at 2.56 this morning. It was featured in the front page of Focus-M. Dislike stocks being highlighted.

IFCA : Managed to buy at 1.53 level last Friday ... and sold 1.60 half. Selling all at resistance.

One may want to join my trading group to check on my trades. I took real trades, unlike many groups where only given buy-sell levels. I do give e-meeting every Monday night to explain the trades and what to watch. And I m going to keep my trades in ... for members only.

Wonder how else could I help the members to profit consistently well?

I wrote a lengthy reflection on my trading adventure ... in June 2012. Yeah ... I was having my cohort-6 back then ... and a good testimonial given by AS(he is a blogger!)

Will want to write ... My Trading Adventure ... thus far ... part II in June 2015 as I m having my cohort-18 next month.

contact :


Monday, May 04, 2015

Icon-Offshore (code : 5255)

Morning ... Monday day.

Congrats to the BLUE.

A long weekend is much needed. I went to a Sekinchan ... a small fishing village, but we could not find a single hotel to stay, so ... it is just a day trip.

Ok ... lets talk about stocks. Someone asked me about ICON ... into new low due to some MACC investigation. If we are not on board, we should NOT consider it as it is dealing with some issues.

Focus's headline recently : More arrests likely as Icon probe widen.

ICON OFFSHORE (code : 5255)

ICON : Broken 60cents, closed at 57.5cents at the moment.

Personally, I do like waterfalls ... catching knives. But, when I was asked about ICON, I m not interested. I do recall that I caught the waterfall in Zhulian and Hibicus 2-3 yrs ago ... and cut-off my fingers. It is not worth it ...

But, if you are holding to ICON ... bought much higher(above RM1.50), I do not have any comment on that. Cutting losses may be too late, but if not ... we might be holding to it for long-time and not knowing the direction of the company.

If you are less than 3 years in stock-market, you need to go for GOOD fundamental companies ... with good dividend yield, strong management and proven track-records in their profits.

Why ICON? The name is not good, either. Kena-con, how? I will prefer Alam anytime at current level.

Never go into the sinking ship ... we are not the captain, we are just small passengers. Think RISK ... and avoid at all cost. Even if it recovering, I will not consider.

That is my comment for ICON.


Friday, May 01, 2015

Want to be a trader?

Don't TRY. Honest answer I have given in my e-meeting recently.

I am going to put the 5 pointers I shared during my 1.5 hours ''live'' e-meeting ... I did not record it(I will in future) ... on how I became a trader.

To cut the story short ...these are pointers I discussed the other night if one is to be a trader.

Simply because it is TOO difficult and it takes a very determined person to LEARN. By the way, most (80%) of those in stock-markets are NOT interested in learning (FA or TA) ... all they want is to profit from market!! So, I explained how I started with so-naïve mentality ... and change myself, learning from failures, mistakes and more.






So ... I will have a repeat of the talk ... perhaps next weekend (10th May).

check my page :

Happy Labour day ... and holiday.