Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sunday blah-blah

Market Talk

Yesterday I had a open public-talk to explain what I m looking at ...and what we could know if the current market is going for a crash? No ... 2015 will not see market crashing, yet. Correction ... maybe ... minus 100-200 points, yes. But not crashing 500 points in a month!!

With that in view, I shown the weekly charts of KLCI and some big-cap index-linked counters. The valuations and such ... to conclude no crash in 2015.

Hence, I have a talk about how we could prepare ourselves for the coming correction. It is a free talk, but the response may not be as good. I have limited space, anyway.

KLCI is showing some technical bearishness ... and expect to have short pause. With DOW up another 100 points, nearing to high ... we are not seeing a dip, just yet. InvestMalaysia is end of this month ... so, local-funds and some buying by foreign funds might give our KLCI a support till end of April.

Anyway, I am planning for another similar talk next Sunday 19th  thru e-meeting. By then, we could see if KLCI pausing is over and resume up-trending.

Check for details.

Ijok : Oldfolks home visit

This afternoon I am glad I took a trip to Ijok ... followed a FB friend of mine. I bought some items from Mydin(before GST) and brought it to the home. There are about 50 inmates inside a palm-oil plantation area. The trip was organized by Ann ... a kind n dedicated lady.

Those who wish to help them, may contact me too. Thanks.

Then, I have a nice seafood lunch with my sis(and hubby) at Kuala Selangor. Great time spent with them.


This is my next trip. It was shared in my FB that these kids sleeping on mat! They are orphans. So, I will personally make a trip there (next week or so) to see the conditions and what they needed.
My kids are privileged ... and I do hope I could teach my kids to be grateful and content. It is not easy ... as many taken things for granted. Unless one is from a poor family background and ''abandoned'' by their parents ... like me when I was young. They will never able to understand why we need help others? My kids started to learn to complain ... and be selective about their food, toys, books and such. Sigh.
I will like to bring them to these orphanages more often ... and to let them know how lucky they are, with parents and things they wanted.
This is how I spent my weekend ... quite fruitful.
Have nice week ahead.

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