Thursday, April 30, 2015

Sold Myeg but missed Homeriz

Myeg : I was queue-ing 2.22 all the way down to 2.15 but nothing done there. So, I started to buy at 2.28 ... and added at 2.32 but it closed at 2.29 .. which I added more during closing, it was done.

Last night I had an e-meeting about "How to be a trader" ... free for public, but as usual ... most of the participants were my trading-group members. Anyway, I did publicly told all I bought at average RM2.30 and explaining why.

Yes ... glad many in my trading group bought too. When do we buy? When KLCI very red ... when there is a cheap sales? When there is fear in market? When MYEG going to go bankrupt? Haha ... no ... it came down due to some BAD news, and hey ... today up due to our kind gov absorbing the fees?

Homeriz : Was q-ing at 92-96 level, it hit 99.5 ... then, shot up yesterday!! Arrghhh ... I didn't take. What a miss. It hit resistance 1.11 this morning for a SELL ... if u grabbed at RM1 la.

So ... we wait ... wait for that sharp diving waterfalls.

PMetal ... interested? ... go to my facebook page for e-meeting and such.

Time for FCPO, I went long ... long ... arrghhh


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