Wednesday, April 15, 2015

O&G in play again ....

It is Wednesday ... KLCI still at 1840 level support. But today is an interesting day for trading. Yes, the O&G is moving as crude oil above USD54 now. We shall see if breakout of USD55 soon.

Alam : Bought in the morning ... 68-69 cents, closed 71.5 cents. Resistance at 74 and 80 cents to sell.

Armada : Gap up ... and closed very strong at 1.20. wow ... I missed as I dislike gap-up.

Dayang : CK(a member and a blogger!) sold his at 2.55. He is patient to wait as we all sold. Went it 2.25 level.

Perisai : We bought at 53-54 last week at support .... I sold mine but many still holding as it did not break the support. Good one.

SKPetrol : Hitting 2.60 level today ... WOW.

These are few O&G i have recommended to buy ... UZMA and UMWOG too. Some still holding ... which is good. Buy when the sector very bearish ... hold till crazy-ness in market to sell?

Talking about crazy-ness, nothing beat the recent 2000 points up in HSI. haha ... China broken 4000 level recently. About 1-2 yrs ago, I was saying that CHINA is back into 2008 crisis level ... buy cheap blue-chips in HSI? I grabbed CNOOC and still keeping.

CIMBC50 : So .... I introduced this ETF to my group .... bought at 80cents level back then. Traded and sold (it is not liquid). Then, recently bought back at 1.25 level ... and thanks, sold when HSI hit 28000 level. Now? wait for retracement .... zzz .... I have been promoting that 1-2 months in my e-meeting too.

I have been sideline for weeks now ... waiting for correction, which never came. Following the trend ...I do some short-term trading.

IFCA : Sold too early today for 8% profits ... and many followed me to sell. We grabbed at 1.40-1.41 yesterday during breakout. This chart was shown yesterday morning before breakout. Today ... it went crazy, thanks to THE STAR paper la.

What else did I traded recently? Unisem ... we entered 2.20 level, i sold mine at 2.25(some still holding) and re-entered yesterday at 2.30 (thanks to someone promoting it ... i just followed). Closed at RM2.40 now ... waiting to sell tmr or so.

Entered few ACE-penny too ... besides IFCA. ACE-market is in play ... follow trend.

What else ar?

visit me at as i m planning an e-meeting this Sunday night.

Time to go off ... waiting for FCPO to close, trading at 2100 level.


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