Saturday, April 18, 2015

Moving funds into ...

It is Saturday ... almost 6pm now. Going to IOI-mall at Putrajaya later. A new mall.

DOW down 280 points ... after almost hitting high again. Plunged.

I was wrong when I was expecting a correction with InvestMalaysia around the corner and Malakoff IPO ... KLCI might not correct sharply ... yet! Perhaps ... end of month of May? But ... Monday we should see some red-sea ... been a while as I m still waiting for cheap-sales(and missing some boats). I would rather miss than chase, actually.

What is significant for the week is crude-oil shot up above the neck-line USD55. That giving a boost to the sector, but again ... it was short-surge ... except perhaps for SKPetrol? Armada shot up from 1.03 level to 1.20 level ... wow. Now all the O&G counters taking a breather ... and might be red-red next week. I sold off my only O&G counter I traded, Alam. I do not faovur crude-oil to move above USD60 or higher as the supply(over production) is at high level.

Nasdaq is hovering at 5000 level ... and we are back to dot-com bubble level. But, Nasdaq should have some up-legs to go ... so, this year theme would be : tech-tech ... anything related to tech are moving. So ... move to tech.

HSI is going to the roof soon ... hit 28k level ... shall we visit 30k level soon? Very possible now as HSI is still much cheaper(valuation wise) than KLCI. Well, KLCI is supported by local funds ...but China funds visiting HKEx. Welcome to HK ...

CIMBC50 (used to be 25) : Shooting higher after I sold at 1.49. Many sld around 1.50 but some decided to hold. Yes, HSI has more leg up ... a correction in HSI would be a good time to buyback or add.

So ... since bullish in tech and HSI .... how about finding some good stocks trading in HKEx in tech-sector? Great idea? Wanna join me to do some homework on that? We buy together.

e-meeting for tmr night ... those interest to join me, click

Time to go.


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