Thursday, April 02, 2015

Focus in our behaviour

Morning ... KLCI at 1830, still very green tho DOW down. Yes, not much of correlation between KLCI vs DOW.

Making hard decisions ... difficult decisions, taking bold steps ... and ignoring all the others criticism or opinions. It is tough to go against the tide ... and to be contrarian. Will one buy into O&G as it is bearish now?

I have done so so many blunders, mistakes ... and wrong opinions in my trading journey. Yes ... if we are new in markets, we will definitely be punished for our ignorance. I have been burnt ... wounded and so many failures to show. Scars are everywhere in me ... wonder I could have able to sustain so much of ... pain.

But, I never give up ... I will take a rest ... and come back again. Yes, never quit as quitters never win.

This is something I could learn ... change my behaviour.

Focus in control out behaviour, not our goal.

Great clip.


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