Saturday, April 25, 2015

Cohort-17 : Trading Workshop

Trading Workshop

Today ... later(2pm to 6pm), I will be conducting a trading workshop for basic charting and understanding on how market works.

It will be simple and basic. I do not claim to teach those advanced indicators(as I m a non-believer) but basic support-resistance and trading plan, for taking trades.

It is difficult to teach anyone trading ... as trading is far from easy ... in fact, I am focusing in the RISK and not REWARD ... opposing to many so-called advertisements out there ... yelling how easy it is, how they gained 100% or more ... full with such BS out there, claiming how good they are.

No, I m not as good as them ... I profit consistently, decent enough for me not to have full-time job ... and will able to trade when I retired fully from teaching. I m a slow-learner ... so, I will teach traders to be realistic .... plan for ourselves and understand our own risk-appetite.

Will you join a person who will tell you how risk trading is and how 80% out there losing money(that is the truth) .... or do you prefer those few-thousands ringgit from those marketing how they catch 100% speculative counters? How easy trading is ... with celebrities going into trading too? Serious??

Well ... I will let the results to speak for itself. It took me 5 long years of daily 4-6hours ... few thousands spent in few trading-workshops, many books bought, speking to many people in the trading and investing line ... to learn!! Never easy and the more I got to know, the more I realized how difficult trading is ...

I am more into futures trading now. FKLI and FCPO.

Trading is never easy .... you decide.

Contact me if you are free to come : 012 - 821 0129


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