Thursday, April 23, 2015

Being a writer ...

It is almost 12 mid-night ... and I m supposed to sleep-early, wake-early. Well, it was one of my new-year resolution. Hard to keep but ... I will.

I have not been trading much ... and not keeping this blog going too. Yeah ... I could give an excuse that students are back and sitting for their exams in 2-3 weeks time. It is a busy week ... but I m never too busy to write/blog.

I do think there is a different between a writer, an author and a blogger. I am a blogger, not a writer. But to think of me being an author of a book?

This idea was brought up some years ago ... I have written about it before. I do have a chance to co-author a stock-market book but declined. Somehow ... I feel I am a blogger, not meant to be an author. Will I ever want to write a book?

I was told the royalty is low especially if your book is just one of the thousands out there. Unless your book becoming a best-seller!! That is the passive income ... one time work, every month can get side-income. I am not sure about that ... hmm ... but, I could try to write a book!!

What book am I going to write about? Not technical or even fundamental analysis, please. There are many books written on it. If I m going to write, it would naturally entitle "My Trading Adventure --- 2008 to 2015" Then ... 5-6 years later, I should publish another (after the market CRASH) ....

I seriously dislike the red-tape, paperwork ... and doing marketing!! Serious issues that will give me stress and sleepless nights. I dislike dead-lines!! I dislike so many things worldly. I prefer spontaneous and letting my idea to flow ... just like writing this blog. I do not need to think of editing, contents much ... grandma ... I mean, grammar ... and with my limited vocab, I do not need to write with those bombastic words!! I like being sarcastic .... haha .

From my liking and dislikes ... I know very well I wont be able to write a book!! So ... the idea has been with me for ... years.

Finally, I m taking the first step ... by attending MPH's writer's circle!! I will be knowing some publishers or people in that line. I don't know ... just go there and check them out tmr. Perhaps, it is not as scary as I presumed.

Being a blogger ... in my own blog-sphere ... yeah ... much in ease la. I can post a song if I like to. Haha ... I can use broken English ... Manglish and what-say-you. I can be random(which I like!!) ... and write whenever I feel like ...

I used to write this blog in daily basis ... since its inception in Aug 2008 till .... don't know when was the first time I didn't write for days. Nowadays, it is a norm for me not to write in this blog .... being that my blog is viewed by few hundreds outsiders!! I could not wash my daily dirty laundry anymore! I used to have that freedom when I started .... with less than 50 readers/followers.

Yes ... I am nervous. It is like ... emm ... public-speaking. We will be so nervous that our words will not be flowing well ... and at times, our brain jammed. Weird ... I have been teaching for 20plus years, I should be used to stand in front of the classrooms? Public-speaking is different ... so, now I am forcing myself to attend a toastmaster-club. It is too rigid, controlled, too many boring procedures and structured. I dislike the whole system of toastmaster .... but I do like the people in the club. They are nice working adults.

Anyway, I will be meeting another group of people ... writers!! Those in the line ... which I m not. I am blogger, remember? So ... I m nervous. I want to give it a try rather than say : No way. Because my mind is telling me how awfully stress I will be if I m to force myself to write a book!! I m not born a writer, u mean ... they will train us to be an author or a book?

Digital-book is preferred these days ... tho personally I still prefer physical books. I do not want to write e-book as ... you know, Malaysians will just share with everyone ... we are known as pirates. We will duplicate everything and want everything for ... free!!

Still prefer blogging here ... it is the way I enjoy to express myself. I m no celebrity, I m just a blogger. Wait ... I share the old song I found today :

Nice old disco-song ...


I could anything I like!! Because My Trading Adventure is not only about stock-trading!! It is about my journey being a trader, people I met ... things I m doing. Perhaps, even recording how I m becoming an author of a book, right?!

It is my personal dairy ... a journal for me to record my trades, things I m doing ... and now, managed to stop my full-time job to be a trader!!

And I m still learning ... well, I m conducting basic trading workshop (as most out there too expensive). Still like teaching part in my life, something I will always love, teaching.

Writing is different from teaching(obvious). I could be at anywhere ... and write pages and trying to connect those pages, compiling it into a book.

I have wrote 3000 plus posts in this blog!! serious!! This is post #3088 , fyi.

I will treasure this blog ... and will continue to write here, tho I will be writing more in or ... becoming a writer, someday.

It is almost 1am ... need to rest. Sold most of my stocks, keep cash .... waiting for sharp correction. Tmr will be busy with classes ... and the Writer's Circle meeting.

p/s : Will you buy my book if I write one?


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