Thursday, April 30, 2015

e-meeting tonight

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KLCI technical outlook : Bearish

Time : 10.30pm to 11pm


Sold Myeg but missed Homeriz

Myeg : I was queue-ing 2.22 all the way down to 2.15 but nothing done there. So, I started to buy at 2.28 ... and added at 2.32 but it closed at 2.29 .. which I added more during closing, it was done.

Last night I had an e-meeting about "How to be a trader" ... free for public, but as usual ... most of the participants were my trading-group members. Anyway, I did publicly told all I bought at average RM2.30 and explaining why.

Yes ... glad many in my trading group bought too. When do we buy? When KLCI very red ... when there is a cheap sales? When there is fear in market? When MYEG going to go bankrupt? Haha ... no ... it came down due to some BAD news, and hey ... today up due to our kind gov absorbing the fees?

Homeriz : Was q-ing at 92-96 level, it hit 99.5 ... then, shot up yesterday!! Arrghhh ... I didn't take. What a miss. It hit resistance 1.11 this morning for a SELL ... if u grabbed at RM1 la.

So ... we wait ... wait for that sharp diving waterfalls.

PMetal ... interested? ... go to my facebook page for e-meeting and such.

Time for FCPO, I went long ... long ... arrghhh


Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Pump and Dump

Saw this memPERSONAkan diving 12%, support at 70cents(hit today). An obvious goreng candidate, now retailers trapping inside.

Note : I have warned so so many times to my trading group about the music going to end.

VSolar : The name SOLAR is tempting ... so, pushed to 40plus level to dump it to greedy retailers. Serious biz of goreng here ... Now, 23 cents .... 50% down.

There are so so many being dumped now.

Yes ... been given all the ''warning'' not to touch such crazy-speculative stocks. Nothing else we could do to those greedy ones ... let them be.


Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Buying at support : Myeg and Homeriz

There are so many broken supports ... which one to highlight?

Penny-stocks many retracing ... after surging like crazy due to crazy-buying.

Myeg : Broken 2.43 support, closed the gap ... tmr hope it dives to RM2.15 to consider, at next support

Homeriz : Support 92-96 would be a good level to consider

Note : I have written about furniture-stocks yesterday at

Low is getting lower now ... great time to prepare for shopping.


Sunday, April 26, 2015

Writing a book : Is it worth it?

Morning ... Sunday 10.15 am here.

I am in office, writing ... I mean, blogging. Well, I had a trading workshop yesterday for long 4-5hours. Tired ... I slept very early last night and woke up fresh!! Missed the Liverpool's game tho ... well, it was 0 - 0 ... zzzz ...

So, am I back to blog? Hmm ... I don't know ... but slightly motivated since I went to the Writer's Circle and met Lydia Teh (yes ... a popular author but not my sister leh).

I have most of her books and tho I m too busy to read, I do still grabbed her latest book "still honking". Haha.

Authors ... well, I will slowly look for them, meet them ... perhaps, getting some tips on being an author of a book!! But, let me tell you something about being an author

1. Loyalty is 10%. Assuming that the book is priced at RM40, you will get RM4 for each book sold.

2. Most of local authors do NOT sell more than 500 copies!! MPH will have 1500 copies for first-print. Most will definitely not able to surpass this number, so MPH no need to consider 2nd print.

Assuming that one could sell 1000 copies (you must be VERY good and public likes your book!!)

1000 x RM40 x 10% = RM4k

So ... the author will have RM4k from the sales. That is one of HIGHEST of sales, for you info.

3. Averagely it will takes 6months to write a book!! WOW

RM4k divide 6 months = 2/3 of the RM1k. Serious??

So ... economically, it is NOT worth to be an author!!

S0 ... why do many still writing a book?

One of the main reason stated by Milan Doshi in my facebook " Books don't make money. They give you the credentials to make money from speaking, consulting, etc"

Yes, Milan Doshi's book is one of my first that I read BEFORE I came into stock-market. The year : 2006, after reading R.Kiyosaki's RDPD. Gald today I m connected with him thru facebook and he do read my posts in Facebook to reply me!! That is a great honour for an ah-pek like me. :)

Another author I will be meeting(who is also in my Facebook) is Andrew Chia. I will be glad to meet him  ... asking him for signatures(I bought almost all his books) ... great man.

Blogger are not author.

While books are more structured and organized, the contents are well-thought about, blogs ... could be more random! While books are targeted to their readers' needs ... my blog is aim for my pleasure reading!! While books are marketed to sell (for profits) ... my blog is free(earn some peanuts from google-ad ) and I could have freedom to write my blah-blah stories ...

But ... still need to focus about my adventure in trading!! As the title of the blog suggested, otherwise ... perhaps it is time for me to change the theme ... or directions ... into my blah-blah adventure? Apa cakap u?

Ok ... back to my point. Writing this blog allowing me to SWAY away from my points. Haha ... and yes, can take a pause and listening to songs. Reading books could be boring, so ... my blog is more entertaining leh.

Must have self-control when I m writing blog too. Ok ok ... where am I ?

Being an author ... yes, many write out of PASSION. They love seeing their ideas or stories in print, and fantasied that many people will read their books ... and they could share their stories to thousands of others. Damn ... it is not that easy in reality!!

I was sitting with a lady (age below 30, I guess) who is an author of 6-8 books!!

Me : Hi ... I am Teh. Are you an author?

HS : Yes ... I am. I write books for teenagers

Me : Oh ... I got two young kids. I wonder how much they get paid for writing a book?

She said something shocking to me

HS : No, we don't write for money ... it is passion for writing!!

Me : Oh ... ok ... I am a blogger, actually.

HS : Me too. Here is my name-card

Tucked her name-card in my dairy, I forgotten to exchange mine ... well, mine is and during the talk, I was watching Westport and trading FCPO. She wouldn't appreciate my work?

Normally, people thought author of an investing/trading books means they are the expert in the field, right?

Not necessary, you know.

Will I write a book?

I doubt that ... unless I am allowed to write something like " How I get out of the E-quadrant and becoming a trader-at-home". haha

Time for tuition class ... then, my second session of my trading workshop later (2pm to 6pm).


Saturday, April 25, 2015

Cohort-17 : Trading Workshop

Trading Workshop

Today ... later(2pm to 6pm), I will be conducting a trading workshop for basic charting and understanding on how market works.

It will be simple and basic. I do not claim to teach those advanced indicators(as I m a non-believer) but basic support-resistance and trading plan, for taking trades.

It is difficult to teach anyone trading ... as trading is far from easy ... in fact, I am focusing in the RISK and not REWARD ... opposing to many so-called advertisements out there ... yelling how easy it is, how they gained 100% or more ... full with such BS out there, claiming how good they are.

No, I m not as good as them ... I profit consistently, decent enough for me not to have full-time job ... and will able to trade when I retired fully from teaching. I m a slow-learner ... so, I will teach traders to be realistic .... plan for ourselves and understand our own risk-appetite.

Will you join a person who will tell you how risk trading is and how 80% out there losing money(that is the truth) .... or do you prefer those few-thousands ringgit from those marketing how they catch 100% speculative counters? How easy trading is ... with celebrities going into trading too? Serious??

Well ... I will let the results to speak for itself. It took me 5 long years of daily 4-6hours ... few thousands spent in few trading-workshops, many books bought, speking to many people in the trading and investing line ... to learn!! Never easy and the more I got to know, the more I realized how difficult trading is ...

I am more into futures trading now. FKLI and FCPO.

Trading is never easy .... you decide.

Contact me if you are free to come : 012 - 821 0129


Thursday, April 23, 2015

Being a writer ...

It is almost 12 mid-night ... and I m supposed to sleep-early, wake-early. Well, it was one of my new-year resolution. Hard to keep but ... I will.

I have not been trading much ... and not keeping this blog going too. Yeah ... I could give an excuse that students are back and sitting for their exams in 2-3 weeks time. It is a busy week ... but I m never too busy to write/blog.

I do think there is a different between a writer, an author and a blogger. I am a blogger, not a writer. But to think of me being an author of a book?

This idea was brought up some years ago ... I have written about it before. I do have a chance to co-author a stock-market book but declined. Somehow ... I feel I am a blogger, not meant to be an author. Will I ever want to write a book?

I was told the royalty is low especially if your book is just one of the thousands out there. Unless your book becoming a best-seller!! That is the passive income ... one time work, every month can get side-income. I am not sure about that ... hmm ... but, I could try to write a book!!

What book am I going to write about? Not technical or even fundamental analysis, please. There are many books written on it. If I m going to write, it would naturally entitle "My Trading Adventure --- 2008 to 2015" Then ... 5-6 years later, I should publish another (after the market CRASH) ....

I seriously dislike the red-tape, paperwork ... and doing marketing!! Serious issues that will give me stress and sleepless nights. I dislike dead-lines!! I dislike so many things worldly. I prefer spontaneous and letting my idea to flow ... just like writing this blog. I do not need to think of editing, contents much ... grandma ... I mean, grammar ... and with my limited vocab, I do not need to write with those bombastic words!! I like being sarcastic .... haha .

From my liking and dislikes ... I know very well I wont be able to write a book!! So ... the idea has been with me for ... years.

Finally, I m taking the first step ... by attending MPH's writer's circle!! I will be knowing some publishers or people in that line. I don't know ... just go there and check them out tmr. Perhaps, it is not as scary as I presumed.

Being a blogger ... in my own blog-sphere ... yeah ... much in ease la. I can post a song if I like to. Haha ... I can use broken English ... Manglish and what-say-you. I can be random(which I like!!) ... and write whenever I feel like ...

I used to write this blog in daily basis ... since its inception in Aug 2008 till .... don't know when was the first time I didn't write for days. Nowadays, it is a norm for me not to write in this blog .... being that my blog is viewed by few hundreds outsiders!! I could not wash my daily dirty laundry anymore! I used to have that freedom when I started .... with less than 50 readers/followers.

Yes ... I am nervous. It is like ... emm ... public-speaking. We will be so nervous that our words will not be flowing well ... and at times, our brain jammed. Weird ... I have been teaching for 20plus years, I should be used to stand in front of the classrooms? Public-speaking is different ... so, now I am forcing myself to attend a toastmaster-club. It is too rigid, controlled, too many boring procedures and structured. I dislike the whole system of toastmaster .... but I do like the people in the club. They are nice working adults.

Anyway, I will be meeting another group of people ... writers!! Those in the line ... which I m not. I am blogger, remember? So ... I m nervous. I want to give it a try rather than say : No way. Because my mind is telling me how awfully stress I will be if I m to force myself to write a book!! I m not born a writer, u mean ... they will train us to be an author or a book?

Digital-book is preferred these days ... tho personally I still prefer physical books. I do not want to write e-book as ... you know, Malaysians will just share with everyone ... we are known as pirates. We will duplicate everything and want everything for ... free!!

Still prefer blogging here ... it is the way I enjoy to express myself. I m no celebrity, I m just a blogger. Wait ... I share the old song I found today :

Nice old disco-song ...


I could anything I like!! Because My Trading Adventure is not only about stock-trading!! It is about my journey being a trader, people I met ... things I m doing. Perhaps, even recording how I m becoming an author of a book, right?!

It is my personal dairy ... a journal for me to record my trades, things I m doing ... and now, managed to stop my full-time job to be a trader!!

And I m still learning ... well, I m conducting basic trading workshop (as most out there too expensive). Still like teaching part in my life, something I will always love, teaching.

Writing is different from teaching(obvious). I could be at anywhere ... and write pages and trying to connect those pages, compiling it into a book.

I have wrote 3000 plus posts in this blog!! serious!! This is post #3088 , fyi.

I will treasure this blog ... and will continue to write here, tho I will be writing more in or ... becoming a writer, someday.

It is almost 1am ... need to rest. Sold most of my stocks, keep cash .... waiting for sharp correction. Tmr will be busy with classes ... and the Writer's Circle meeting.

p/s : Will you buy my book if I write one?


Saturday, April 18, 2015

Moving funds into ...

It is Saturday ... almost 6pm now. Going to IOI-mall at Putrajaya later. A new mall.

DOW down 280 points ... after almost hitting high again. Plunged.

I was wrong when I was expecting a correction with InvestMalaysia around the corner and Malakoff IPO ... KLCI might not correct sharply ... yet! Perhaps ... end of month of May? But ... Monday we should see some red-sea ... been a while as I m still waiting for cheap-sales(and missing some boats). I would rather miss than chase, actually.

What is significant for the week is crude-oil shot up above the neck-line USD55. That giving a boost to the sector, but again ... it was short-surge ... except perhaps for SKPetrol? Armada shot up from 1.03 level to 1.20 level ... wow. Now all the O&G counters taking a breather ... and might be red-red next week. I sold off my only O&G counter I traded, Alam. I do not faovur crude-oil to move above USD60 or higher as the supply(over production) is at high level.

Nasdaq is hovering at 5000 level ... and we are back to dot-com bubble level. But, Nasdaq should have some up-legs to go ... so, this year theme would be : tech-tech ... anything related to tech are moving. So ... move to tech.

HSI is going to the roof soon ... hit 28k level ... shall we visit 30k level soon? Very possible now as HSI is still much cheaper(valuation wise) than KLCI. Well, KLCI is supported by local funds ...but China funds visiting HKEx. Welcome to HK ...

CIMBC50 (used to be 25) : Shooting higher after I sold at 1.49. Many sld around 1.50 but some decided to hold. Yes, HSI has more leg up ... a correction in HSI would be a good time to buyback or add.

So ... since bullish in tech and HSI .... how about finding some good stocks trading in HKEx in tech-sector? Great idea? Wanna join me to do some homework on that? We buy together.

e-meeting for tmr night ... those interest to join me, click

Time to go.


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

O&G in play again ....

It is Wednesday ... KLCI still at 1840 level support. But today is an interesting day for trading. Yes, the O&G is moving as crude oil above USD54 now. We shall see if breakout of USD55 soon.

Alam : Bought in the morning ... 68-69 cents, closed 71.5 cents. Resistance at 74 and 80 cents to sell.

Armada : Gap up ... and closed very strong at 1.20. wow ... I missed as I dislike gap-up.

Dayang : CK(a member and a blogger!) sold his at 2.55. He is patient to wait as we all sold. Went it 2.25 level.

Perisai : We bought at 53-54 last week at support .... I sold mine but many still holding as it did not break the support. Good one.

SKPetrol : Hitting 2.60 level today ... WOW.

These are few O&G i have recommended to buy ... UZMA and UMWOG too. Some still holding ... which is good. Buy when the sector very bearish ... hold till crazy-ness in market to sell?

Talking about crazy-ness, nothing beat the recent 2000 points up in HSI. haha ... China broken 4000 level recently. About 1-2 yrs ago, I was saying that CHINA is back into 2008 crisis level ... buy cheap blue-chips in HSI? I grabbed CNOOC and still keeping.

CIMBC50 : So .... I introduced this ETF to my group .... bought at 80cents level back then. Traded and sold (it is not liquid). Then, recently bought back at 1.25 level ... and thanks, sold when HSI hit 28000 level. Now? wait for retracement .... zzz .... I have been promoting that 1-2 months in my e-meeting too.

I have been sideline for weeks now ... waiting for correction, which never came. Following the trend ...I do some short-term trading.

IFCA : Sold too early today for 8% profits ... and many followed me to sell. We grabbed at 1.40-1.41 yesterday during breakout. This chart was shown yesterday morning before breakout. Today ... it went crazy, thanks to THE STAR paper la.

What else did I traded recently? Unisem ... we entered 2.20 level, i sold mine at 2.25(some still holding) and re-entered yesterday at 2.30 (thanks to someone promoting it ... i just followed). Closed at RM2.40 now ... waiting to sell tmr or so.

Entered few ACE-penny too ... besides IFCA. ACE-market is in play ... follow trend.

What else ar?

visit me at as i m planning an e-meeting this Sunday night.

Time to go off ... waiting for FCPO to close, trading at 2100 level.


Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sunday blah-blah

Market Talk

Yesterday I had a open public-talk to explain what I m looking at ...and what we could know if the current market is going for a crash? No ... 2015 will not see market crashing, yet. Correction ... maybe ... minus 100-200 points, yes. But not crashing 500 points in a month!!

With that in view, I shown the weekly charts of KLCI and some big-cap index-linked counters. The valuations and such ... to conclude no crash in 2015.

Hence, I have a talk about how we could prepare ourselves for the coming correction. It is a free talk, but the response may not be as good. I have limited space, anyway.

KLCI is showing some technical bearishness ... and expect to have short pause. With DOW up another 100 points, nearing to high ... we are not seeing a dip, just yet. InvestMalaysia is end of this month ... so, local-funds and some buying by foreign funds might give our KLCI a support till end of April.

Anyway, I am planning for another similar talk next Sunday 19th  thru e-meeting. By then, we could see if KLCI pausing is over and resume up-trending.

Check for details.

Ijok : Oldfolks home visit

This afternoon I am glad I took a trip to Ijok ... followed a FB friend of mine. I bought some items from Mydin(before GST) and brought it to the home. There are about 50 inmates inside a palm-oil plantation area. The trip was organized by Ann ... a kind n dedicated lady.

Those who wish to help them, may contact me too. Thanks.

Then, I have a nice seafood lunch with my sis(and hubby) at Kuala Selangor. Great time spent with them.


This is my next trip. It was shared in my FB that these kids sleeping on mat! They are orphans. So, I will personally make a trip there (next week or so) to see the conditions and what they needed.
My kids are privileged ... and I do hope I could teach my kids to be grateful and content. It is not easy ... as many taken things for granted. Unless one is from a poor family background and ''abandoned'' by their parents ... like me when I was young. They will never able to understand why we need help others? My kids started to learn to complain ... and be selective about their food, toys, books and such. Sigh.
I will like to bring them to these orphanages more often ... and to let them know how lucky they are, with parents and things they wanted.
This is how I spent my weekend ... quite fruitful.
Have nice week ahead.

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Bull rally : Is it sustainable?

KLCI up ... break many resistance along the way ... and today ... 1840 level broken. Next resistance would be 1861, which we should check if that would be broken too.

Question : Do you think it is sustainable?

Have a BULL week ahead.


Monday, April 06, 2015

Are you bullish now?


KLCI up 10 points ... let us check some of the overbought big-cap counters in the index-linked.

MayBank : Resistance at RM9.55, currently at RM9.50 now. RSI at 70 level.

PBBank : Breakout of  RM18.60 level last week and now we are heading to RM19.60 level of resistance. RSI showing overbought.

CIMB : Reistance at RM6.40, trading at RM6.25 now. Stochastic of the weekly chart showing overbought , with RSI at 70 level(daily chart) indicating overbought too.

So the three large banking counters moving very aggressively up due to some funds snapping up our cheap-valuation banks (err ... ).

TM : A good rebound and testing new high ... will we be seeing breakout this week? Trading at RM7.65 at the moment ... new high in making(again). RSI (daily) at 76 last Friday ... so, reaching 80 today?

IHH : Hitting RM6 this morning and we shall check if it will break into a new high, above RM6.10 level.

PetDag : Another large cap counter which is overbought. Resistance at RM21.30, at RM20.44 now.

One may check on other counters ... as these are overbought counters ... and those lagging ones might be used to support KLCI further.

Time to short FKLI?

Note : I had a good e-meeting last night showing weaknesses in KLCI chart.

Public-talk : Preparation for coming correction ... This Saturday 2pm.


Sunday, April 05, 2015

KLCI analysis

One of my common dinner place, Janji Temu, having 50% discount for all their food. Wow ... I won't mind paying for such nice food in full, but the 50% off will ... make me going there 2-3 times a week. haha. I might stay there tmr for trading ... having my nice time there.

Sunday night ... I m not in mood as Liverpool trashed last night. Still trying to get over the disappointment, especially about Sterling's future. The helicopter disaster last night shocked the nation ... and many speculating on which Robert Tan (not IGB) on board. Kinda sad to hear many flight mishaps.

The consolation I could cheer myself up a little ... when I visited my mom(after a long month) and she is living well. Dad-in-law out of hospital (and critical level) ... that is another relief for me, personally. So ...I m in mood for some charity. Bought some items needed and will help an organizer to the trip to Ijok's old-folks home for next week's trip.

Then, this morning someone kind shared in her Facebook ... and I m glad to help!

Will call the lady in charge and pay them a visit and check with them what they needed.

I was told these kids sleeping on these mat ... and at night, thin mattresses. Well, will visit and check if they need beds & new mattresses.

My kids are OVER-privileged ... tho I m not rich, I have provided them more than they should have!! I brought them to the Enerz Extreme Indoor Park this noon!!

MACD divergence seen in KLCI chart ... and in an hour or so, I will be giving ''free'' e-meeting on my technical analysis of our KLCI (9.30pm)

go to

Ok ... need to bath and prepare for the talk.

Have a nice trading week ahead.


Thursday, April 02, 2015

Focus in our behaviour

Morning ... KLCI at 1830, still very green tho DOW down. Yes, not much of correlation between KLCI vs DOW.

Making hard decisions ... difficult decisions, taking bold steps ... and ignoring all the others criticism or opinions. It is tough to go against the tide ... and to be contrarian. Will one buy into O&G as it is bearish now?

I have done so so many blunders, mistakes ... and wrong opinions in my trading journey. Yes ... if we are new in markets, we will definitely be punished for our ignorance. I have been burnt ... wounded and so many failures to show. Scars are everywhere in me ... wonder I could have able to sustain so much of ... pain.

But, I never give up ... I will take a rest ... and come back again. Yes, never quit as quitters never win.

This is something I could learn ... change my behaviour.

Focus in control out behaviour, not our goal.

Great clip.