Thursday, March 05, 2015

Trading Workshop

3.20pm : At home ... on the bed, typing this post ... lazying. zzzz soon

wait, nice view from my bed here too.

Rarely I could be at home in the noon as I will have tuition classes. Today, the classes cancelled ... and decided to take a nap after this post. haha.

My shorts in FKLI doing well. KLCI dived 18 points at the moment. I have told my whole group to sell since last week and no buying. Many are impatient ... today still not a buy. zzzz ... only asked them to buy klci-he on Monday e-meeting.

Yes, my stock-watch group is the only group with e-meeting to explain the trades and to learn. That is becvause I am a dedicated teacher ... with passion in trading n teaching!! The e-meeting is free for my stock-watch group (contact me at or 012-8210129 to join).

Last night I had another free public e-meeting ... regarding 20-rules to be a good trader. Yes, the benefit is ... able to stay at home to trade? haha. But ... it could be very stressful if you do not know how to trade well. It is MONEY on the line.

This weekend I will have a trading workshop, confirmed. So ... those who wish to learn trading (my ah-pek way), do contact me too.

Nothing much to trade as KLCI have more downside. SKPetrol dives as Mok is out. Brahims ... zzz ... MAS giving them a kick.

So ... will discuss with my cohort-16 this weekend how to take advantage of the current market sentiment to profits!!

I need to zzzz ... thanks to Liverpool's 2 - 0. Worth it.



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