Friday, March 20, 2015

TGIF : Weekend

It is Friday!! I am never so excited about Friday ... haha. Going to have dinner at TGIF tonight!!

It has been a long one week for me ... today, I decided to wake up ... go for a run! Eat bread ... make my own coffee (been on roti-telur and teh-Tarik for breakfast for past one week!! haha)

Going to listen to songs ... whole day, while watching Wall-Street(DVD).

Then ... dinner ... dinner ... TGIF. Anyone want to join me? Your treat. Haha.

KLCI has been very bullish, rebounded from support 1780 level, above 1800. wow ... today's a little red ... could be due to profit taking ... before surging to 1825 (200MA) resistance again. We shall wait for that SHARP correction ... wait wait ... sabar.

Perhaps I should go to Subang Parade(TGIF) as I could visit Parkson there too. Check out Parkson-waterfalling....

There ... Parkson is trading at RM2. cheap? Wait till I go shop there ... it might rebound then. Haha.

Ok ... time to get back into life ... which I have been missing for a week now!!

cohort-17 : I will be having a trading workshop next month. See if market will correct sharply for me to initiate buying again. Will put in KIV page, those interested


Have nice weekend!!


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