Saturday, March 21, 2015

Saturday blah-blah

PoHuat(code 7088)  : Nicely at 20MA support ... can consider to take at RM2.30 level and cut-loss if 20MA broken. With MYR3.70 above now, we may see furniture-counters moving again next week.

Note : Trade at your own risk.

DOW up up and away ... hitting new high again soon. What is in my mind as I m still biased to bearish? Market doesn't make sense again ... oil down, MYR down ... 1MDB, GST .. but KLCI up? Hmm ... really a boleh-land.

If we have money, do buy property rather than gold. That is serious. I was thinking about the gold-story I wrote this noon ... property is certainly better in long-term(not gold).

There ...If market is crashing, it is time to check on cheap-sales ... before that, we need to learn NOW how to buy cheap property ... where, what ... yeah, I m making all the preparation possible for the market crash. It will be my only crash-cycle as I m reaching 50 now. If I m too miss it(to profit hugely), I might need to see it again after I m in my 60s(assuming I m still around?)

Are we prepared for the market crash? It wont be 2015 ... but if in 2-4 yrs time, are we prepared? How?

It will be an interesting topic which I will bring up in next month tratles meeting (only for those came for my trading workshop and continue with me).

I need to rest ... blur-blur



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