Thursday, March 26, 2015

Oil and Gas rebounds

This morning as we were reading about Yemen and some clashes there ... I saw O&G sector moving ... after considering the charts and fundamentals, I took UZMA.

UZMA : I bought at market price at 2.01 ... it hit 2.05 in morning, and when retraced ... I just grabbed. Many members bought too. So ... SELL at resistance 2.16 also done. Trading at 2.18 now. I moved away to take another O&G. UZMA was a good one, as I sold AMBank which I bought yesterday for small losses to jump into her.

This is shown ''live'' why I took it to my trading group ... but I missed Perisai. We cant have everything and have to choose. It is a choice, decision.

Esceram : Sold this morning too ... thanks. 30cents is the resistance. Resistance is a SELL not a buy, ok? We bought 27-28 cents. At 31 cents now ... zzzz

Parkson : Hit the 2.19 resistance target given ... we bought during hammer formed 1.99 n below. Yes, Parkson is a sell today.


Naim : What is going on??

JTiasa : New low ... bad reports?

Cahaya Mata is ok ...

Anyway, the theme for short-term is O&G ...

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4.20 pm : Bought UMWOG 2.23 ... sold 2.31(half) done. That is fast ... O&G in play.


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