Monday, March 09, 2015

Great Monday : Bear day

Morning ... it is Monday.

Great day for my short FKLI as KLCI diving 20 points ... hit 50MA at support this morning. So, kasi tutup itu short, panjang untuk dagang-harian. LOL

Last week Monday e-meeting ... telling everyone to sell as I shorted FKLI, expecting it to be down. It is not difficult decision to make due to high at resistance(nearing to 200MA too) and bad candle-sticks. Oh yes, I do have an e-learning for candlesticks this Sunday and next Sunday. One may want to join to learn how to read these bad-candles to know ... zzz ... coming down la.

Hammer formed in FCPO last week, I longed. Opened with a gap up. Great. Take profits!!


cohort-16 : I have the trading workshop yesterday ... explaining in details WHY KLCI will be down, how to use the indicators and plan ... trading plan and more. They all appreciate my cheap-ah-pek-logical trading system. So, I just need to show them how to earn back their fees paid. I done that most of the time for my tratles.

cohort-17 : I will have another trading workshop soon(as market correcting, time to profit) .. those interested, contact me at or 012-821 0129

Dinner : I went for nice dinner with family at one of our fav place : Ole-Ole Bali. It is a way I pampering myself ... not the food, but seeing my family(wife n two kids) enjoying themselves ... after a long week of working. Those who wish to meet-up, and treat me dinner ... you are welcomed.

e-meeting : Tonight I will have e-meeting for my stock-watch group members only. But, tmr I will have another session(II), for the 20-habits of traders. Losers will be offended as this is for those who wish to learn to be winners.

click on :

candle-sticks e-learning : This Sunday and next Sunday ... this is to teach HOW to trade using candle-sticks and analyzing on volumes.

click here :

Will like to write more ... but a busy Monday ... need to fetch my kids now, enjoy lunch with family and then ... going for my tuition classes.

Till then .. have a nice week ahead. Mine certainly will be busy ... again


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