Monday, March 23, 2015

Futures Trading

FKLI dropped more than 20 points ... two bad candlesticks seen last week ... so, SHORT FKLI.

I am taking in few tratles to learn trading futures. This is only for those already trading stocks and doing good. Futures-trading is NOT for majority, if you cant handle trading MyEg(I bought today) ... I do not think so one could survive.

Yes, in daily basis ... since Mac, I shown them all my open positions .. my daily trades. Today, due to one blunder ... I lost RM500 ... was profiting RM900 ... so, profit for today is RM400. Still ok ... but disappointed with my amateurish mistake. Need to get a cheaper platform.

 Anyway ... it 1-2 years, I will be seeing the results. If I failed to train these batch of tratles to profit well in futures-trading. It is extremely RISKY ... but I m up with the challenge.. It is closed and only for them to see ALL my trades. That is how we improve ...

Tired ... FCPO closed at 6pm ... time for my dinner.

Parkson : Selling 2.19 tmr ... average at 1.95. Thanks.

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