Wednesday, March 04, 2015

e-meeting : 7 rules of traders

Noon now ... busy busy busy ... 2pm to 7pm will be busy with classes next.

Last night I had an e-meeting to speak about 7 (of 20) rules in trading.

Due to the good response, I will repeat the e-meeting tonight(Wednesday 9.30pm). YOu can see that I do enjoy sharing my opinions on trading, being a trader myself ... and still learning so much from so many people.

Do read many books ... one of the first trading-investment book I read was by Adam Khoo. That was one great book to have. Do buy 2-3 of his book. Seriously, you need to read what those successful ones written and listen to them(not the crowd).

go to for the link before 9.30pm.

see you online.


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