Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Day 5 : Withdrawal Syndrome

It has been 5 days I did not blog ... those followed my facebook might know why. Yeah ... my wife n kids are in KK for holiday, daddy is home alone ... and I missed them too much.

This is what I shared in my facebook ... it is weird to re-read my own posts?

Day 4 : Withdrawal Syndrome

I could feel my world so cold for days now ... tho I m busy, occupying myself with classes, trading, chatting, e-meeting, reading ... and songs. I have no oommpphh for most of the things going on.

I treated myself with Burger & Latte last night at Meteora ... but it is not as tasteful.

Today ... I will still be busy with dentist appointment(now), classes and a dinner appointment with a trader-friend. Tmr ... I will still have 3 tuition classes and another dinner appointment.

I m just running the days, without my will ... tho these are things I like doing in my normal-days.

Yes ... I am missing my wife and kids. I m such an emotional person. That is always my weakness. It is never the place I go, things I do, food I take ... it is always been the people I m with. Till then ...

Well ... they will only be back on Sat.

Saturday I spent my days ... at Proton Service Center for whole morning, then tratles meeting ... yam-char and at night I just went to Pyramid for a walk.

Sunday ... classes ... and sleep. Then, I had a good e-learning session on Candlesticks & Volume Analysis at night. That is session 1 ... this Sunday will be a continuation ...

Monday ... made silly trading mistakes due to emotional in-stability and lost in my trades. Yeah ... the rule is ... never to trade when we are emotional. Tuition classes and e-meeting with members at night.

Tuesday was yesterday ... fixed my gigi-sakit and changed my bike tyre. Classes cancelled as I could not speak (still pain). Skipped my toastmaster meeting too ... and watched a DVD at home, instead.

Wednesday ... now, awaken 3am ... as I could not sleep. It is too quiet at home here. Then, I remember I do have a blog that I have basically abandoned due to my ''withdrawal syndrome''.

I do still have 3 tuition classes later ... while I will be excited with my FCPO trades. Yes yes ... SOY dived to 30 level, FCPO might dive further below 2100 level.

What is going on in markets? Hmm ... nothing much, KLCI still stands above 1780 support. 3.70MYR to 1USD .... crude oil below 45 ... hmm .. 1MDB and political issues are nothing new.

O&G : Terrible ... if anyone holding to these counters.

Armada : The last time ... I got lucky to buy 1.23 and sold 1.29. Since then, I was watching it breaking 1.20 ... till hitting 1.01, nearing to the low. I do still remember how Armada dived from RM1.30 level to RM1 and we caught at around RM1 (my average was RM1.02 back then). Traded few times as it rebounded ... and not even at RM1 level ... I do not want to take the risk. Cheap? Waiting for it to break RM1 ... check at 90cents.

Dayang : On Monday, I alerted the group about watching Dayang ... Yesterday ... another dive to low 2.12. Interesting ... don't know if related to Swak election or it is due to crude oil. Yes, it is time to trade her ...

alright .... 5am. Going for cycling.

Few more days ... to be alone.

Have a nice week ahead.


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