Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Tuesday morning ... the Monday-blue still sticking around. Could not shake-it-out.

The blame is always on me ... as I m taking more responsibilities ...

I am accepting criticism as that making me stronger ... and facing the difficulties. They said that ... if the normal people do not feel skepticism and criticize you ... you are not successfully enough. After all, majority are not successful in their lives(living in fear, anger, envy, hatred, inferior, revengeful, unhappy, negativism ... etc).

So ... pulling ourselves away from the pack ... making us, standing out ... and dare to do what majority doesn't thing it is possible.

For example ... mentoring a group to be good traders? Possible?

That is the challenge I m facing now. I might fail .. I might be criticized and someone in the group might turnout to be ...

Start working on the group ... officially starting in April ... and May, I will delete many who did not take initiative to learn or showing interest.

You cannot teach those who do not wish to learn, ok?

Hv a nice day ... while I m having a blue.


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