Monday, March 23, 2015

Blue Monday

Morning ... a blue-Monday as LKY passed away, Liverpool lost. And Pak Mie passed away too.

The only good news so far is my Parkson which I bought on Friday(hammer formed) flying high and many members sold ... at 2.10 level now. I sold half at 2.08, keeping ... till I go Parkson for shopping.

Parkson : see the huge volume on Friday? That initiated me to have a strong BUY call. Then, I explained to members during e-meeting last night when we were learning candle-sticks. This is one of the strongest hammer you could find. Not easy to have such cases ... well, it wont work on wintoni-and-gang, tho. But, if I said I bought Parkson at 1.92-1.99, many readers(especially those few constant envious-negative people in i3-forum) may not agree. It is not my obligation to tell anyone what I buy or sell, ok?

I am back ... with my better mood, tho the passing of LKY saddened me. He is one of the best leader around. High respect and managed to bring Spore WAY above Malaysia(of coz we have those leaders ... errr ... sedition la). Anyway, RIP Mr LKY.

To be a good trader ... we need to have a system. Then, discipline to follow-thru. These are difficult part ... and I will discuss more in my coming e-meeting(public talk thru online).

If one is good enough as a trader, then trade futures (FKLI and FCPO). That is much more challenging ... and controlled by sharks!! If you are new to trading, it is RIDICULOUS to believe that you will be profiting from trading ... and if you cant even handle GenM or AirAsia, you wont survive in futures-trading.

FCPO is opening soon ... got to focus.

Have a nice week ahead.


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