Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Bear Day : A great day!!

DOW down 332 points. Crude oil below USD50. MYR (vs USD) 3.70.

 A SELLDOWN ahead.

If you are still holding stocks(especially those PENNY speculative ones), good luck. You have yourself to blame for not knowing that it will correct SHARPLY. I have warned my trading group for 1-2 now. Keep cash and wait for sales.

Imagine ... during sharp correction ... you are stuck inside and do not know what to do, and could not buy cheaper. That is call opportunity cost.

So ... TWO good calls needed : EXIT before market coming down sharply(or your stocks) and ENTRY at the low before market rebounds.

The word is BEFORE.

I had a good e-meeting last night, HARSH on those losers who are STILL having many loser's habits. In trading, we set RULES.

Good luck ... and a great day for my SHORT in FKLI.

Will write later as I m waiting for market to open..

Note : Now is 8.40am ... by the time this post reaching i3, it would be half or one hour later.

9.35 am : Done ... short closing yesterday, covered my shorts morning for 18points profit. Phew. Wait and short back.

Now waiting for FCPO to open ... at 10.30am. Meanwhile ... we listen to songs.


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