Wednesday, March 11, 2015

After 5 years in KL ...

I came to KL in Jan 2010 ... with two years of knowledge/experiences in trading. I was broke, I remembered well. I bought my kap-chai(still using till now) for RM3k ... used one. I worked in Taylor's and looking to start all over again ... with zero dollar in bank(negative as I owed credit-cards, taken personal loans and owed my mom/aunt).

Read that ... my posts before 2010 were written when I was newbies in Sabah. No one knows me ... tho I do have few followers back then.

Today ... I could trade well, developed my own trading system and doing it consistently, using FKLI and FCPO as my daily income! In good days such as today, I made RM1425(using one contract only ... wait till I m no more newbie, I will add 2-3 contracts in a trade). Aiming to profit RM200 per day.

Reflecting on my struggles ... merely 5 years ago, financially in debt ... I have only myself to be blamed. Today ... I have learnt lots of lessons ... and will continue to share my stories ... on how I became a trader now, from ground-zero.

Perhaps ... I could have an e-meeting for that public talk?

Title : How I became a trader


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Unknown said...

Good that you have gone through the 5 hard years. I am sure you must be a better and wiser man by now. Salute . Keep up with your useful writings.