Monday, February 02, 2015

Trader Meetup : #3

Being a trader, I have got to know many other traders in KLSE/FKLI. While I have some few followers ... I have not put aside some time to meet them.

Yes, this is one of the ''project'' for 2015 .. to meet traders alike.

Today ... Bursa taking a rest. So, I m taking a rest at home ... so, I invited him to come to my new place.

I have started to come out with a simple set of questionnaires for whoever wants to meet up. It is for my personal survey and collection of opinions, especially from experienced traders.

Ok ... how much is the capital needed to be a trader?

Hmm ... RM50k at least?

How much do you profit in a day? A week? A month?

How many years of experiences before we could drop out full-time job and to be a trader(at home)?

What a newbie needs to learn ... to start with? FA? TA?

As we all knew, market is a VERY noisy place. With forums, facebook, advertisements by many so-called trading workshop/software (including myself ... haha!) ... newbies will be more confused than ever. Who should they trust?

As we discussed and talked (he has been in KLCI since 1995) ... we shared some opinions on trading systems ... and he shown me some apps to download(in Chinese) ... where it shown commodity charts etc etc.

It is great sharing ... as I m only 6 years in markets(intensity and extensively ... making me have depth in market trading) ... and listening to the very experienced trader, meeting me personally at my home.

I will write a little more about his idea ... well, his view for 2015 is VERY bearish. So, we both agreed that cut-loss in trading at current level is a MUST.

Got to go to fetch my gal and lunch.


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