Friday, February 20, 2015

Those I learnt from ... TQ

Happy CNY.

To me, on such occasions ... I will be thankful.

So ... I listed 20 of them in my FB-list that I feel thankful ... owed them a special mention for helping me to understand stock-markets a little better, each day ... each month ... each year.

I was in KLSE since 2008(end of 2007) ... 7 years now in market!! As I started with zero-knowledge ... moved out of newbie-level after 5 years, and now in novice-level ... I appreciated many who have helped me, directly or indirectly ... in my trading adventure.

If you are reading this page/post ... find someone who have helped you much, and thank them.

Ok ... when I was in KLSE in 2008, market was tanking around Mac. 7 years ago. I was lost ... as I bought few stocks with my small capital(Jaks, LionDiv and Ranhill) and losing about 20-30% in Mac ... eventually sold with about 70% losses. ouch for a newbie.

Mr Ben Gan :

One of the first blog I read ... and I still do follow his writings. One of the wisest person in stock-market, experienced ... and very respectable. So, he is the fisrt in my TQ list. Thanks Mr Ben Gan for being unselfishly shared many of your wisdom ... wise advices that I do listened. It will be a privilege for me to meet you in person ... and hope my dream of meeting you in 2015 materialized.

I have a simple project this year ... to meet traders, get their opinions and lessons ... which I will share with readers here. They are the one teaching me many pointers, and I appreciate their sharings.

Mr Ridzuan : This is a long-time blogger I knew back in 2008-09. I was wet-in-the-ear back then ... and he is being such a nice person, to answer some of my stupid questions. As he traded FKLI/FCPO and writing in his blog back then, I followed closely tho I cant understand what he was talking about(back then). Haha ... finally, I met him last year ... in person, during one of his short workshop. I do like to learn from REAL trader ... those experienced and day-in-day-out checking on markets. He is a trader ... a respected remisier. Will like to find a day where I could have time to have a drink with him(on me, my pleasure). I cant find his blog-link anymore?

By the way, I do not trust those trading-trainers unless they are traders themselves. Those employed by companies ... they are trainer. Some of them do not even trade. We do not need to pay thousands to learn those indicators, chart-patterns, support-resistance .... just go to  or go to youtube(search informedtrades) , search on those clips. I have used many of my hours(in daily basis 2008-2011) in my first 4 years ... before I started to teach trading(it is trading system, not teaching those indicators blah blah) in 2012.

So ... by using my logic, I respected and learnt from real traders. Not anyone. I am selective as I want to protect my time ... mindset and learn to trade well.

Mr Khaw : He is a very experienced remisier, trader ... and came to my trading-workshop to learn some charting. His attitude to learn charting is admirable. Now a full-time trader after retirement ... I am still have such privilege to speak to him, sharing his vast experiences and knowledge. Finding a good mentor to learn from ... I do appreciate many of his sharings. Thanks, Khaw.

Mr Andrew Chia : An author ... and I have full set of all his books. One of his easy-writing book is the above. Buy one to read over the CNY holiday. I like these simple books, tho I have many more very comprehensive ones. Easy to understand and easy to apply trading ideas are the best. Glad that I m in touch with him thru FB and he is quite supportive of my posts. What an honour, I wish to meet him for a drink. I went to one of his public-talk ... and get my book signed by his, personally. That was 2012 ... Simply amazing.

Mr Alan Tan : He is a blogger ... an author. He wrote about how to earn money blogging(I should have read about that, instead of blogging for free and not even bother to expand my audience!!). He came to one of my trading workshop, to learn charting!! Then, we wrote a stock-market book months later!! I was featured in an interview ... asking me how I became a trader and what it takes to be a trader. Very informative book ... easy to read too. I always like local authors.

Those are 5 in my list ... 15 more to go(many more actually). Also, few more in i3-forum where I read about their sharing/posts. Those fantastic analysis ... trading ideas and extremely valuable piece of advices.

Overall, I will rate myself as a slow learner. It took me five long years(4-6 hours per day, daily basis) to be out of newbie-level. As sometimes .... someone called me ''sifu'' or ''guru'', I have to correct them ... and told them that I am a learner, still learning and will continue to learn. I am in novice level, and I reached a stage where I do quit my full-time job, in order to have more time to learn to be a good trader!! I will go to extend to meet these great people, and learn from them (I traveled to Ipoh to meet respectable Mr Koon, when he invited!)

I am slow ... but I m persistent. I will want to know more traders/investors alike. The only way of learning ... in my opinion, is being open-minded to listen. I do hope more traders alike will want to meet me, share with me their experiences(of losing money).

Thanks for helping me in my learning process. Will never forget my humble roots ... where I came from. Today, I may be conducting my simple trading workshop ... sharing with few how I trade, but I ma humbled by so many experienced traders around. Thanks for being around.

Note : Will find time to write more about many others.


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