Thursday, February 12, 2015

Stock Watch : AnnJoo (code 6556)

Circulation : What do u do next in your trading?

TNB has announced a 2.25 sen/kwh reduction in electricity tariff for Mar15-Jun15.

Below is a list of impact on sectors and companies from a 1% cut in electricity tariff on a FULL YEAR basis (vs. only 4 months in TNB’s announcement):

Steel companies are bigger beneficiaries;

Ann Joo = +5.3% Choo Bee = +1.7% HTVB = +0.7% Tong Herr = +0.4% LM Cement = +1.25%

Rubber gloves = +0.14% to +0.18%

Healthcare = +0.35% for IHH and +0.5% for KPJ O&G = 0% to +0.3%

Plantation & Timber = no impact, as energy needs in estates and mills are self-generated.

Technology sector = +0.4% Telco = +0.1% Construction = +0.1%

Banks, consumer, media = no breakdown, but positive

REITs = savings are passed on


This was sent to me ... circulated this morning. Seeing AnnJoo there?

There u are ... the chart telling stories. So, I bought into her this morning.

Tenaga ... pulling KLCI down yesterday noon ... and this morning. Well ... thanks, Tenaga. I bought 13.40 and below. Last batch to sell RM13.88. At the moment, it is RM13.74

It is not the stocks. It is OUR decision ... our actions based on our experiences and taking it confidently. That is calculated risk.

I have changed my e-mail to if anyone wish to be in touch with me. I am organizing a CNY get-together.


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