Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Speculative : AsiaBio and Takaso

AsiaBio: One of the hot-stock for past one month .. today, as KLCI very bullish ... it dived. Even broken the support at 19cents.

Those TRAPPED in AsiaBio ... THINK again. WHY are you trapped inside? Do you know it is a speculative counter? Do you know the fundamental analysis? Do you think you can get-rich-quick in trading? Do you know what you are doing?

WHO asked you to buy into AsiaBio? THINK carefully ... will you trust him or her the next time? Once bitten, twice shy? No?

I am certain many greedy newbies stuck inside, many uncles-aunties bought into her by reading some rumours/tips ... and trapped inside.

Takaso : closed at 51.5cents ...

Understand the nature of speculative counters ... or else, one will continue to get burnt due to ignorance, arrogance and plain greedy.

Be careful ... who to trust. One thing for sure, retailers like these get-rich-quick counters, somehow.

Change that mindset .,.. and we continue to learn.



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