Saturday, February 21, 2015

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Johnny Cash : Wow mr teh this is a good article thanks

Klsestock : CP Teh u r lucky to have so many guru to teach u .U should learn from them how to give not just receive. U are charging people to learn from u.Y cant u share what u learn from those guru but charging people with the things u learn for other people for free!!!!

Icon8888 : Teh is trying to make a living. He has kids and family to take care of, just like u and me Give him a break

Teh always got whacked left right centre. When u think about it, the biggest "sin" he has committed is he is not super rich. If u r super rich, people will give u benefits of doubt, overlook all your flaws, defense you, wish you well and flatter you.

It happened in this forum too. People jumping out like a robot to defense certain Rich Uncle who went around boasting about his philanthropy and "noble intention to help others to make money"

Make me want to puke.

----------------------Reply to the comments ----------

Thanks, Johnny Cash ... will write more good articles, instead of my usual laundry-washing. Haha. I do still have 15 more to write about but ... but ... I am not sure now.

Klsestock : Hi ... you must be new to my blog. Welcome. By the way, I started from zero-knowledge. I believe many of us still remember the first year we are in market.

Think ... put yourself in my shoe. I lost a lot to learn. 70% of my initial capital.

Think ... I bought 100 books to read. I spent 4-6 hours per day. Daily.

Think ... I bought, without miss ... The Edge, subscribe to Icap and such ... for years.

Think ... I write this blog everyday since 2008 Aug, when I was learning for years ... in daily basis. go to ... search for AUG 2008 post... 1st post was 8th Aug. Without a miss in a single day, I wrote it here (NOT i3 ... i3 linked my blog there 3 yrs ago, fyi).

Think ... I created my LUCK. (CP Teh u r lucky to have so many guru to teach u)

So ... to explain to anyone, it will be difficult. What a Math lecturer like me work myself out of the maze of KLSE-trading.

To start with, Mr Ben Gan is a blogger ... do visit his blog and LISTEN to his wise words.

I selected my own guru to follow. I followed his writings for years now and still do. I m connected to him thru FB ... and now gladly know that he is there to advice me. He is a very wise and generous person. Do get to know him.

(U should learn from them how to give not just receive) ... ok, read my free blog ... did I teach anyone anything? Seriously, read from 2008 ... to 2015 now. THINK ... and be fair. Are you a real person? Then, add me in facebook. With few hundreds, I do not have time to reply to each and everyone ... I do still have tuition classes, my own trades and family to take care of. But, do know me personally ... and not to judge me, can?

(U are charging people to learn from u) ... while I have not met Mr Ben Gan, I do learn indirectly from reading his blog .. for few YEARS. Then, this post is to THANK him ... for indirectly writing his blog, and allowing me to learn from his wisdom. My blog is free too ... if you have learnt anything at all?

Mr Ridzuan is not free ... I paid for his one day workshop, fyi. I paid him to learn and to meet him in person!! I appreciate him ... and you may contact him to attend his workshop too.

Mr Khaw ... you may want to add him in facebook and be his client(he is a remisier, I am his client). He came for my workshop (cohort-5) ... to learn from me (RM400 back then) about indicators, charting. He is very experienced in KLSE but still paying money to learn. What are we ... newbies? I m humbled by his presence. He is kind enough to share many pointers to our tratles group. So, I m writing that post to thank him for personally sharing his knowledge and experiences.

Mr Alan Tan ... he is a writer ... an author of a book. He came to my trading workshop (cohort-6) and then, learnt some basics of technical charting ... then, he wrote a book on stock-market!!

I wrote that thank-you page ... to thank him for interviewed me and I m in his book. You may want to grab one? It is very informative and good book.

Andrew Chia ... an author too. I have whole set of his book ... so, indirectly he is my guru. I went all the way to his public talk for his signature!! I m still very honoured, to be able to meet him in person.

So ... will you attend my free public talk? Did you come for my free e-meeting which I organized recently? I will invite all to attend my next free e-meeting where I discuss in general points in trading, book sharing etc etc... more to come as I prefer to share/teach thru online.

How many times have I shared this link : click there ... like and notifications will be sent to you if I have any event/e-meeting.

You need to CREATE your own luck. You need to work as hard if you wish to learn. And learning is NOT cheap. Education is not cheap ... I m making it cheap(and they said I m too cheap ... cheap giving impression of not good?)

By the way ... I do believe in giving ... giving to those deserving ones. Teaching those who wish to teach, being mentors to many in my group! And using some of my proceeds to donate it away(organizing CNY charity drive now ... and planning for a center for under-privileged children). Giving is good .... as it makes me happy.

Do attend those courses ... see how much $$$ they are charging you. It is up to you.

Free learning? I have shared plentiful ... you were too new to my blog.

Icon8888 : Thanks for answering. Why am I kena whacked many time there? I m not even there in i3? hmm ... why poor teacher kena whacked and rich one not? Confusing ... and noisy in forums. I do not go to i3-forum for very long now ... so, sorry that I do not know ur nick ... but, heck ... since I m free, I will soon .. perhaps ... maybe ... one day, I might visit i3-forum again. Do continue to benefit i3-forums. Thanks.

Note : I have paid  RM10k or more to learn(courses(4), books(100), subscriptions(6), meeting hundreds of traders ...) not to mention 4-6 hours daily for 7 years so far.



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