Friday, February 27, 2015

Live below our means

Friday morning ... looking forward weekend again. Great.

KLCI at 1818 ... earning period. Presbhd ... up, next morning as report not good ... it gapped down to RM2 ... but closed strongly up ... today 2.30 ... zzz ... really Malaysia-boleh. Armada reported losses ... didn't gap-down pun. FGV shot up to RM3.90 plus before announce BAD reports ... it dived 12% the next day. Cool .... wait, I show u the FGV chart with RSI above 70 before it dived. So, if we buying ... believing it will give good reports, and it will fly ... err ... ask the operators first what they planned.

FGV dropping another 3% at the moment ... at RM2.50 support now. ouch.

AirAsia ... bad report too .... dropped to RM2.60 only, didn't dive to RM2.50 as I wanted her (from RM2.70)

So ... all those media and reports will mis-lead many of us retailers into believing them!! Haha.

Note : Never trust the media.

Ok ok .. this is a blah-blah blog. Let us find something to blah about ... for Friday's pleasure reading. Hmmm ... where am I?

Yes ... the magic word of FRUGAL.

I am no longer as frugal as I should be. In fact, I have upgraded many items since the last time I posted the items I do have at home. Lets put some updates and then ... to remind me to be frugal ... living below my means!!

Some of my ''lifestyle'' (haha)

1. TV : upgraded to 42" smart-tv from my 32''led-tv last year. When I came back to KL some 5 yrs ago, I was using my 21" Sony 20yrs-old TV. No more upgrade of TV for next 5 years? The curved-TV is nice, tho.

Guess : Which one is my bike? haha

2. Bike : No upgrades at all ... still a kapchai I used since I was back in KL. Second-hand RM3k. Thought of upgrading ... parked besides all bigger bikes yesterday. Shy only. Well, after this reminder post to be frugal, I wont upgrade in years to come. Tahan shyness.

3. Mobilephone : I was using my old-non-smart phone ... then, upgraded to Samsung-Wonder (RM1k back then 4 years ago). After 2 yrs plus, it lagged ... jammed. So, when Samsung note-3 launched months later, I grabbed Samsung-note 2. The phone is smarter than me ... and after 2 yrs, I think I still need another 2-3 yrs to know how to use the basic features. In other words, I m not smart enough for smartphone. Why bother to upgrade, right? Hope it could last me next 5 years?

4. Notebook : Yes, allowed myself to upgrade to new notebook(i7) ... as I do enjoy fast-pc. RM3k is a good-enough notebook. As for my home pc, it is still with me(re format) after 3 yrs, without upgrades. Didn't use much of home pc now ... only for my kids and wife usage. Will only upgrade again 1-2 years time.

5. Car : I am still driving my 5-yr old Proton .. recently service ... change here and there costing me few k. Upgraded my player. Nothing much. Hope my car could still stay strong to serve me for another 5 years!! Then, if possible ... Volvo XC60 will be my next upgrade?

Note : View taken from my home-office table.

6. Home : This is my largest upgrade for 2015. Shifted to new condo(from 920sq ft to 1240 sqft). As the new place needs some new items, I have upgraded washing-machine, fridge and such for my wife. When will be next upgrade? Err ... 5 years later? Lets plan.

7. Bicycle : Bought 4 bikes(2 adults, 2 kids) last year to cultivate cycling with family. Now ... zzz ... seldom. Sold off my bike(cut-loss), left 3 ... will keep this foldable one as I do still cycle if ...

8. Dining : This is something I need to remind myself to be FRUGAL. Stop feeding your taste bugs, stop increase the diameter of your belly .... !! But again ... nice dinner is something I looked forward to, when I m home ... during weekends, with my family. So ... I need to make a point to reduce in trying more of those delicious food ... the picture is OleOle-Bali, one of my fav restaurant at Empire (besides Serai). Arrghh ... I am hungry now.

Where else my money gone to?

9. Office : Upgrading my office as I m no longer working in college-office. I have one simple table at home. Another in my office!! Bought a sofa-bed ... to take a nap! Bought a book-shelf, need more items to make it cozy ... and hope to attract me to stay in office more (as I rather be lazying at home!)

10. Clothes/Shoes : I do not buy many shirts ... and my current shirts/pants should be able to last me for another 3yrs? I do bought some good shoes for exercise and kai-kai. Recently, due to emotion-driven needs, I bought an expensive ''clarks'' shoe ... heard that is it branded. Haha ... heck, I was drunk then ... now, anyone want to buy from me?

I do still think I m a frugal person ... but after reflecting from the above, I am no longer as frugal as I was some 3 yrs ago. So ... make it a Mac-2015 resolution : I WANT TO BE FRUGAL AGAIN.

Using money is a no-no. Stop doing that. Plan plan plan ... and reduce reduce reduce .... !!

Time to reflect and check on my expenses. No more upgrades needed for coming 3 years!! I have almost everything ... more than that ... from zero items 5 years ago when I was back to KL, ok?

Work work ...

off for early lunch.


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