Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Harkwork vs Talent

Morning .. been listening to this clip the whole morning ... reminding myself to work harder to improve in my trading ... and teaching of trading! Yes, I will continue to improve ... and work hard on it.

While other guys sleeping ... I am working

While other guys eating ... I am working.

You might be longer in markets than me ... have more education than me. You might have strong backing from someone ... I will show that I m on par, if not ... better than anyone.

That is not egoistic ... it is pushing ourselves to be better than ourselves. Not comparing with others ... admiring those better than us and learning from them . Then ... work hard on it and continue to move on ... despite of the pain, criticism ... insults ... and along the way, we will do many mistakes and people started to talk bad about you, not realizing that is needed to move forward ... a notch ahead of most of around.

Be passionate ... or else don't other doing.

So ... I am pushing myself up, to be a good trading-trainer as I m trading very well, while still learning to be better.

Will you want to learn from a trader ... a real trader and grow from there OR ... do you just want to profit, believing in those advertisements and salesmen that they earn ... 30% in a trade, 100% in their portfolios(if they are THAT good, large banks will absorb them in .. paying them MILLIONS to be their fund managers!).

Working hard ... to improve myself.

Have a nice day


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Choon Keng Wong said...

See you at the top.